Frozen-Let It Go(FULL Personal Ranking)

READ!! I couldn’t wait enough to post this Ranking,it is since December I wait this moment,but I wanted to have all versions in HQ to judge them well and to …

13 thoughts on “Frozen-Let It Go(FULL Personal Ranking)

  1. I’m Japanese.This is my opinion about May J. I prefer Takako Matsu to her because Takako’s pronunciation is much much more elegant and beautiful than May J,on top of that,May J’s voice don’t fit Elsa,I think.

  2. I agreed with many places but always disagreed with ur comments. I don’t like saying “this voice is not for a queen” or “she doesn’t fit Elsa” because you don’t chose your voice and not because you’re a queen you have a certain kind of voices. The attitude is what is important for me. That’s why I disagreed with almost all of your comments

  3. Thank you very much for 19th and 17th place 🙂 I agreed with many of your places, great job ranking them 😀 And, YESS this is also for me the first Cantonese voice I LOVE!

  4. Really enjoyed watching your ranking, even though I disagree with many places. I was actually quite excited for your ranking because in comments of many multilanguages, your comments that I read always matched my opinion XD All in all, I really liked your comments (actually took time to read & think about each one), very sincere 😀 Now to specific ranks: – I was so shocked at last place! I agree that she could’ve been better, but I wouldn’t place her last 🙂 – Kinda sad about Arabic, no one likes her. To me the language actually helps with portraying emotion. – Same opinion as you for Idina! I’ve huge respect for her though, in her younger years when she didn’t sing with her nose she was amazing <3 one.

  5. Just like everybody elses I agree with some and disagree with others 🙂 Still great top! 😀 And I had this impression that you didn’t like Eu Portuguese Elsa that much but I am happy to see that she is not last! :D

  6. You’re not alone with your last place, dear! Don’t feel bad about expression your opinions <3 it wouldn't be on the very last place mine, but under top 20 indeed :>

  7. Thanks for 12th place. Well in Greek the only way to translate “the cold never bothered me anyway” is this that Sia is singing. And Sia didn’t dub any Barbie’s song. She is only the speaking voice of Barbie, not the singing. In all Barbie’s movies that she dubbed she did the speaking and not the singing parts ;)

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