Frozen – My Personal Ranking of Elsa’s Voices

Long time, no video, right? That’s because of school and maybe lack of inspiration. No worries, I am back! Wow, I tried to do this video since January, but I…

24 thoughts on “Frozen – My Personal Ranking of Elsa’s Voices

  1. I didn’t include Albanian version because when I made the video ( that not the same with uploading that ) the singer was unknown. I didn’t want to comment for a person who I don’t know her name.

  2. In Polish Let It Go Is mam tę moc And mam tę moc is I Got The Power And THANK YOU For Putting Polish In There 🙂 And Love The Way You Put Them Much Love <3

  3. Thanks for HUNGARIAN!!! ♥♥♥♥ 🙂 I am glad that you put the Vietnamese version of the 8th place 🙂 Very nice version, although the singer’s voice does not really fit the character, but regardless beautiful.

  4. Nice video and nice ranking!!!I agree with almost all!!!Thank you very much for the 20th place!Sia Koskina is my version!!!You’re top 10 is great!!!:-)Nice job!!!;-)

  5. I agree with your last places,but seeing Slovene so low,I disagree with that one and also Slovak I find them very great and unique 😉 I love Latin Spanish,but you’re right about the fact that she sounds too much static at most points,but I love her way of singing so much ^^ DISAGREE VERY MUCH for norwegian,as person she is bad towards some people,I saw a bad attitude towards a friend of mine only because she posted her version of Let it go,not being happy to see that someone wants to show your version to other…She called Disney to almost getting close her channel…Well done i have to say…I also don’t enjoy her voic,but people have their tastes on that part,but about the attitude she disappointed me… I thought you loved your version(Romanian),I find it very great 😉 Icelandic for me lower,same Latvian(but it is cool that someone put her so high :D) Thanks for 12th place dear 😉 Cantonese has been a surprise for me,first time that I really enjoy a Cantonese song from Disney 😉 I prefer May J For Let it Go in Japanese 😉 WOAH an interesting TOP 5 😀 I was sure that Swedish would have been at 1st place!!^^ LOVE THIS TOP :)

  6. I was really wondering about your opinion!And great editing as always! (I’ve seen your old videos so I can say I am not dissapointed ^_^) Maybe do not agree with Romanian,because she is in my top 15,and I can’t understand it when someone doesn’t love Dalma,because she has her own unique voice. Oh and thank you for #13 place,I actually thought “OMG she is going to forget Turkish 🙁 ” because I didn’t see it in the low places and I didn’t get use to see Turkish in another places xD Thank you so much ! ♥

  7. I agree with you like the language of Sweden is beautiful. But I disagree with the Latin Spanish, I think it’s beautiful; but everyone has an opinion so I respect :)

  8. Everybody agree… Taryn sings like a shit, her voice is just unbearable ! You marked the language… It’s not very clever… If we choose this way, Taryn is not the worst ! But at least Swedish is the 1st! “Sven” the character “Svensk” the language! xD No it’s pretty good! 🙂 But I disagree with 3/4 of your videos ! x)

  9. I agree with your ranking for the most part, and beautiful editing 🙂 I just wish Arabic was higher. I don’t understand, do people dislike her only because she has a deep voice & sounds “too old”? I love your entire top 10, they’re all amazing! ♥ Especially the section you chose for Polish, her “the past is in the past” is so unique and gorgeous.

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