“Fuck you” Sign language performance

My name is Anna and this is my final for a college level sign language class. I am not deaf and still learning sign language and encourage others to learn si…

22 thoughts on ““Fuck you” Sign language performance

  1. One sign language is always changing, and signs adapt. Just because you sign something one way does not mean that others can not sign a different way. Two signs are different depending where you are in the country. Three if you think you can do better post a video other wise let this video be a inspirational to those that want to learn sign. And four if your not a teacher or deaf you should not be grading her mistakes and just shut the fuck up because nobody is perfect

  2. We can’t all get u deaf n dumb ppl… Been working with deaf ppl, and they all had different signs 4 things… Besides, she is learning and trying 2 understand u… But as I’ve been watching u ppl, I get the feeling u should b left out more and more… After what I’ve seen, u think u r more than others… Get real now huh???

  3. Well in the information she noted she is still learning and this was for a college level course in sign language. Also that she is still learning. Which personally I think is impressive. However if you insist these are all the wrong signs, then I suggest this. Make your own video and prove it. Tell then I will take the one that is still learning and admits to it.

  4. Hi, don’t learn from this video, she uses a lot of wrong signs. I.E Shit, Baby, etc, It’s good mainly because of her confidence, learn from that. BUT NOT THE SIGNS, USED WRONG!!

  5. Anyone who does not appreciate this delivery knows exactly how I feel about them … just review it again and know that the F/U words are for you …  this is excellent, well delivered and under a prof with an open mind. Cannot believe the negative comments … guess some have so small a life they need to put anybody down in order to feel important or bigger than they really are. Sad!

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