“Fuck you” Sign language performance

My name is Anna and this is my final for a college level sign language class. I am not deaf and still learning sign language and encourage others to learn si…

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22 Responses to “Fuck you” Sign language performance

  1. Roblox TechnoGuy says:

    Yep. Me 2

  2. TheMorphineTango says:

    Nobody cares if she made a mistake, it’s the personality within the performance is what makes this so good.

  3. Dusty Blades says:

    Hope you got an A in the class !

  4. Ariel Diamond says:

    I love this!

  5. Alex Montoya says:

    I can’t understand if she is using the right signs or not.. but well at least she is trying and it’s a great video anyways.. 😉

  6. marklemos says:

    so cute i love it.

  7. Clayton Ussery says:

    Great Video Anna. i like the emotion and fun how much fun you had with the song. shows that you really enjoy signing.

  8. Bethany Morgan says:

    I’m not insinuating that the sign changed. Lets change the words. Aww pooing she’s a gold digger.

  9. Clayton Ussery says:

    One sign language is always changing, and signs adapt. Just because you sign something one way does not mean that others can not sign a different way. Two signs are different depending where you are in the country. Three if you think you can do better post a video other wise let this video be a inspirational to those that want to learn sign. And four if your not a teacher or deaf you should not be grading her mistakes and just shut the fuck up because nobody is perfect

  10. Alex Svane Hugger says:

    We can’t all get u deaf n dumb ppl… Been working with deaf ppl, and they all had different signs 4 things… Besides, she is learning and trying 2 understand u… But as I’ve been watching u ppl, I get the feeling u should b left out more and more… After what I’ve seen, u think u r more than others… Get real now huh???

  11. Typhon Plume says:

    Well in the information she noted she is still learning and this was for a college level course in sign language. Also that she is still learning. Which personally I think is impressive. However if you insist these are all the wrong signs, then I suggest this. Make your own video and prove it. Tell then I will take the one that is still learning and admits to it.

  12. Bethany Morgan says:

    She used wrong signs, it bothers me that there are comments on here that saying they learned the song from her.

  13. Hermunkle says:

    Oh c’mon now. There’s always one of ya’.

  14. Bethany Morgan says:

    I’m guessing you didn’t analyze the song did you?

  15. Bethany Morgan says:

    Sign level wasn’t that great…..A for charisma but C+ for sign

  16. Bethany Morgan says:

    I don’t know why you have so many down votes, I completely agree with you

  17. Bethany Morgan says:

    Hi, don’t learn from this video, she uses a lot of wrong signs. I.E Shit, Baby, etc, It’s good mainly because of her confidence, learn from that. BUT NOT THE SIGNS, USED WRONG!!

  18. TheAwesomeGamers123 says:

    this video got 37,70,242 veiws i bet i can get more veiws with rick rolling people

  19. TheAwesomeGamers123 says:

    uhhh anime chicks, that will never get old.

  20. DrMGoesWild says:

    I love it! I am hoping to do a signing version of extreme botany, thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Bree Ivy says:


  22. papertube says:

    Anyone who does not appreciate this delivery knows exactly how I feel about them … just review it again and know that the F/U words are for you …  this is excellent, well delivered and under a prof with an open mind. Cannot believe the negative comments … guess some have so small a life they need to put anybody down in order to feel important or bigger than they really are. Sad!

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