FuckUp Nights Ottawa Vol II

FuckUp Nights Ottawa Vol II
Event on 2015-01-08 19:30:00

Get ready for the second FuckUp night in Ottawa!

(We're really hoping we haven't set the bar too high)

What are FuckUp Nights? FuckUp Nights is a monthly event where awesome people talk about one of their biggest professional or business failures in a candid and irreverent way. 

What can you expect? Three or four fuckupreneurs will get up and share their story, including what the project was, what they did wrong, what they learned from it, and what they'd do differently.

Why are we doing this? Because you learn more from failure than success, and we have to shake off the stigma attached to failing – overnight success is often unrealistic.

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This month, we're moving to larger pastures and hosting at Maker Space North at the City Centre, and we'll have the following amazing people speak:

Diana Coote – VP Social Media, Web Content, Outreach at Onya Baby  
Diana Coote is one of the founders and a co-owner of Onya Baby, a family-owned company that believes in connectedness and adventure. At Onya Baby, she creates and oversees online content creation (on the blog and through chosen social media channels), nurtures current partnerships and makes new ones through outreach and online campaigns. Fun fact: Diana sewed and tweaked the original Onya Baby carrier, which started the company on its road to where it is today.


Kyle McInnes – Director of Maker Space North
Kyle's Tinder profile says: "Work in tech and started an app company. I also travel and can speak both Korean and Hebrew poorly. I'm 6'2." He's also the director of Maker Space North and has a few plates spinning at any given time.

Ryan Parent – Co-Founder of Vidrack
Over the past 2 years Ryan has worked on many projects focussing specifically on social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing and email marketing. He recently discovered a gap in marketing strategy – how to easily get user generated video. So he decided to start tech startup Vidrack, and this is what he spends his days working on now.

We hope to see you there!

at Maker Space North
250 City Centre
Ottawa, Canada

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