FUEL Your Business in 2015 April

FUEL Your Business in 2015 April
Event on 2015-04-25 13:00:00

Alright everyone, we are back in action for April.  4/18 is already booked for the kickoff event of the new Lehigh Valley Fitness Network.  Please show up on time and ready to start promptly at 1pm. Your time, your fellow attendees time and my time are valuable, so let's all respect each others growth.

This event is monthly follow up group coaching/training event. It's time to FUEL your health, wellness and fitness businesses in 2015. We are keeping the costs minimal for the first and second quarter of 2015, still only per attendee.

Our previous events in Jan and Feb 2015 were focused on the introduction to training and coaching to help you better define your businesses. Helping you build your personal brand through social media, proper website content, marketing and a whole lot more.

This months meeting will be focused on addressing your needs since we skipped March.  We'll review the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media, your public image, communication and more. Plus if we retain enough time, further depth into using Linked-In for your business.

Below are topics that I'm considering for future more in depth training curriculum events. These would be a more robust event with a different price point. If the demand is there, I will open up these training's for future audiences.

1. Defining your Niche
2. Building my brand for my business
3. Technology Comfort
4. Social Media
5. Networking 101
6. Website Do's and Don'ts
7. Email Marketing
8. Embracing technology to streamline your productivity.
9. Entrepreneurial Struggles
10. Building outward on your goals in 2015
11. Social Media Training (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linked-In, etc.)
12. Do's and Don'ts best practices

Fire Up Your business!
Scott W. Mulvaney
Consultant and Coach

at Capital Blue
2845 Center Valley Pkwy
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