Fundamentals of Photography: Shooting Action

Fundamentals of Photography: Shooting Action
Event on 2013-03-26 19:00:00

Don’t miss your shot. Learn to capture subjects in motion. This class will help you understand action photography. Whether you want to shoot sports, wildlife or your kids on a trampoline this class will show you how to use shutter speed, focusing and camera controls to get the best results.

Michael will demonstrate how to freeze action, how to pan with action and how to blur action.  During the hands-on demo, students will gain the experience of shooting these concepts as we explore the different camera controls including how to choose the appropriate focus mode. This 3-hour hands-on photo class is part of the series “Fundamental Photography”, and will teach you the building blocks of photography.

What to Bring:
Bring your DSLR camera (no point and shoot cameras) with lens, user manual (can be downloaded from the manufacturer) and your questions to class. Most of all, bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to master your camera!  This class is the first step to realizing your vision with photography!

Experience Level:
Beginner: No experience necessary

This 3 hour hands-on photo class is part 1 of a series of fundamental classes that will teach you the building blocks of photography.

Instructors Bio:  Michael Nadler is a graduate of California State University Fullerton with a degree in Communication/ Photojournalism. After several years of photojournalism, Michael entered the more lucrative area of Photographic Retail Management. After 15 year as everything from Sales to Buyer, Advertising Exec, to Digital Specialty innovator, he was asked by Canon to take up the new challenge of digital imaging. Embracing the challenge, he put forth his full efforts. Beginning with the Canon DCS-1, Michael has since become an advisor to companies such as Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Getty, Corbus, Warner Bros., ABC/Disney, Paramount, CBS, NBC, NANPA, PPA, PPC, WPPI, Upperdeck, AAED, ADA, CDA, News Services, and many, many others bringing them into the Digital Age. His knowledge of digital imaging and processes as well of his mastery of Canon has set him apart in the photographic community. For 15 years Michael has educated and inspired photographers from around the globe. This new chapter for him is to help inspire the future generations of photographers.

at Samy’s Camera EDU Los Angeles
475 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, United States

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