Funio Joins Forces with the CIRA to Promote the Direct Benefits of Canadian Companies Using .ca domains Over Traditional .com Domain

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

As part of a strategic move to provide an even better web hosting service to their growing list of customers, Funio has teamed up with the Canadian Internet Registrar Authority (CIRA) to promote the benefits of Canadian companies making use of the .ca domain as opposed to the more traditionally used .com domain.

“We are very happy that the CIRA is joining forces with us to promote .CA domain names,” said Sylvain Leclair, President of Funio. The Canadian web hosting company will undoubtedly expand on the value they already offer to Canadian businesses and other online businesses worldwide, but this particular initiative in conjunction with the CIRA is specifically aimed at demystifying the apparent misconceptions surrounding the .CA domain name.

“The benefits of the .CA domain are not always fully understood by Canadian entrepreneurs and it is this type of initiative that we will be able to share all the great benefits of choosing a .CA domain instead of .COM,” Sylvain continues, making reference to numerous Web Hosting clients and online business owners Funio has worked with over their 16 years of servicing this portion of the web services sector. “With a .CA domain name, you can start your internet business and take advantage of being relevant to the local market,” concludes Leclair, making specific reference to the technical implications associated with targeted service delivery (search engine optimization and the likes).

The many benefits of this joint venture bear many logistical implications as well, which will undeniably have a direct bearing on the day-to-day activities of various businesses that rely on the internet to function. In addition to better local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Funio will be able to offer even more affordable web hosting and scalable infrastructure in anticipation of the wave of interest to be set in motion once the true value of a .CA domain name is completely uncovered.

Furthermore, Funio’s customers will continue to enjoy benefits such as zero server down-time, catered to in three iWeb owned and operated Datacenters, as well as free daily back-ups on all servers.

Probably the most value to be extracted out of this initiative resides in the cost-saving implications Funio’s customers will enjoy, with the web hosting market-leader offering the .CA domain at an amazing price of only $ 0.01.

Funio’s initiative to join forces with CIRA accounts for the perfect platform over which online businesses, particularly start-ups, can take off, cutting out the need to worry about reliable and cost-effective technical infrastructure so that they can rather focus on their core business.


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