Funk Volume 2013 – SwizZz – Dizzy Wright – Jarren Benton – Hopsin – DJ Hoppa

FREE DOWNLOAD: iTunes: Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa kick off the year with Funk Volume 2013. Directed and Edited by @Hopsin & @George_Orozco of @On_Point_Films @FunkVolume @Hopsin http @SwizZzleFish @DizzyWright @JarrenBenton @DJHoppa
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Funk Volume 2013 – SwizZz – Dizzy Wright – Jarren Benton – Hopsin – DJ Hoppa

  1. MrGmega says:

    2:08 Am I the only one that laughed at dizzy’s robotic moves?

  2. coolkidd2218 says:

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  3. erwen702 says:

    Straight outta Vegas!!

  4. xMezzieh says:

    Just some bitch faking that he is in funk volume, and the guy you commented one, is just another fake account. only 50% of youtube channels are legit =/

  5. kuro450 says:

    imma kill your shitty gfamily that hasnt done anything in their fucking shitty lifes you little bitch suck my dick and your shitty mother and fater

  6. 415Dub says:

    I used to think dizzy was the weakest of the group and than in this verse he is the best

  7. TypicalIslanderIvan says:

    Brace yourselves………The swagfags are coming to claim this music video

  8. roycephantom4me says:

    he’s not…

  9. OdysseyclassicVids says:

    Koopah3d isn’t even good, at all. I don’t know what all this shits about.

  10. rolbin1234 says:

    Also Stabbed Brother Lynch..

  11. ToScaredForChurch says:

    Lol more then half these comments are people spamming for views.

  12. finicbobcatrw maes says:

    Gays think jarren is gay

  13. dlock707 says:

    We did it independent bitch

  14. trogdor25678 says:

    like me

  15. trogdor25678 says:

    jarren benton is fucking gay

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