Funny cat going crazy over clothes dryer

Funny cat going crazy over clothes dryer

My ex cat, Dusty, going crazy watching the clothes go round in the dryer.

15 thoughts on “Funny cat going crazy over clothes dryer

  1. Yessir. Wish you would have talked to me before I bought my front loader. Needed a new washer, got a good paycheck: thought I’d be Mr. Fancy Pants and buy a nice front loader (I went with a high-end Whirlpool). Door latch broke twice within the first year – couldnt even open it to get my clothes out. Doesn’t get the clothes clean. Cannot remove stains. It leaks (warranty is over). And it lies to me! (tells me there’s 5 minutes remaining, but changes it’s mind). But hey, they chick’s dig it.

  2. A combo machine is not a dryer, but a combo anyway…the title says “dryer” and anyway the washer is a BOSCH I recognize the model and it is not even a combo at all. 

  3. calling him a troll wasn’t necessary considering he was not aware of washer dryer combos. I didn’t know about washer dryer combos until I stumbled upon this video and looked at the comments.

  4. You are a little bit slow aren’t you. You CAN dry clothes in a washing machine – google ‘washer dryer combo’ and you will find that every brand makes a washing machine / dryer in one.

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