Funny Questions On Yahoo Answers!

Just some random stupid questions i found on Yahoo Answers, so i decided to make them into a slideshow. Enjoy! Just for you people think I made all of the qu…

16 thoughts on “Funny Questions On Yahoo Answers!

  1. Yahoo has so many people trolling.. aNSWERED is a much better choice as Q&A app! It’s like Y!A but anonymous and you can post photos or taboo questions on it 🙂 It’s more fun than Yahoo Answers!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL What? How can a hot dog be a cool dog once it has cooled down? That question has to be one of the funniest I ever saw. I ended up laughing because of what Dawn posted below.

  3. nice video xD whenever I’m bored I go on Y!A so see such questions too. I think most question and answer apps/websites have such troll questions… lol Places like aNSWERED, quora e.t.c on top of Yahoo Answers.

  4. haha.. some are not that funny, but the picture of Americans one sure is a BIG troll xD Anyway I saw this Q&A mobile app and wanted to share.. it’s called aNSWERED. I love Y!A and I loved aNSWERED, so you should like it too!

  5. HAHA the hot dog question. I saw this before “If your eye candy is also your crush, then does that make him/her your candy crush?” aNSWERED is definitely better than Yahoo Answers, it’s more fun as a Q&A app :P

  6. LOL! what?? cool dog after a hot dog has cooled down? xD such questions make me laugh Have you tried aNSWERED mobile app? You can ask any question on it anonymously and get answers from the community!

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