Furious Pete – Pull-Up Variations

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16 thoughts on “Furious Pete – Pull-Up Variations

  1. lol typical jiujitsu douche bag, how about pete just picks yo dumbass up and throws you on your fucking head. how you ask? well with all the pull ups, deadlifts, and squats pete can do he can easily destroy you

  2. Are you going to wrap him in the mat? Surely you could do jiu jitsu on any surface unless you are afraid it might be too cold for your sensitive skin.

  3. Good stuff Pete. Can I ask a question. If you are older what is the best way to train to do pullups ? I haven’t done them for more than 30 years I am guessing. Did them in high school in 1975-77 time frame. Guess its closer to 40 years now. So what training methods and exercises can get me ready to train to do them. P.S. always was weak in them even back then I could only do maybe 3 or 4 and I was a skinny fuck.

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