“Furl the Flag” is Anthem for Confederate Flag Removal

A new song unveiled July 4 calls for the Confederate flag to be lowered on the grounds of the South Carolina state house. Titled Furl the Flag, it is the first anthem to arise out of the heated controversy over the divisive Civil War symbol that has been brewing for decades.

The song was co-written by two authors from the Carolinas — Michael Butler, a public relations consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Larry Farina, creative services director for a Columbia, South Carolina, radio station. They first collaborated on the tune nearly 20 years ago in 1996 during the fierce debate that led to the Confederate flag being taken off the Capitol dome and moved to street level on the state house grounds in Columbia.

After the latest tragedy in Charleston and renewed debate about the flag, Larry and I revisited the words and melody we originally wrote in the late 90s Butler said. We personally support removal of the flag from the state house grounds just as we did then. We hope this song will resonate with the public and help inspire decision makers to do something about it.

Recorded last week in a Nashville sound studio by recording artist Ronnie Kimball, the song recounts the heritage of the Civil War and ends with a visit by a mother and her son to the South Carolina state capitol where they view the flag. The chorus implores:

Furl the Flag

Furl the Flag

Dont Fuel the Fire

Dont you think its time

We all live free.

Farina said the song carries a powerful message and the symbolism of putting it on YouTube on July 4 is unmistakable.

Its the day we celebrate the freedom we have as Americans, he said. That freedom extends to everyone who calls America home. We wanted to do our part to make people stop and think.

About the flags emotional impact, one verse of the song asks plaintively:

Will we feel the pride of men

Who fought for their right?

Or when we look at that old flag

Will it shut out Freedoms light?

The song can be heard now at http://www.furltheflag.com or on YouTube at https://youtu.be/g10AO_DFGEU. Look for it on iTunes within the next few days.

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