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Join us every other Friday at 11am (AZ & PST) and join the conversation!
Watch the broadcast live via your computer at http://whatisthefusion.com/fusiontv

You can even set up a free account over at http://ustream.tv/channel/the-fusion and chat live with our hosts during the show.

Or join us as a "live studio audience" at Tully's Coffee in Glendale Arizona to watch the broadcast in person. http://budurl.com/fusiontvhome

What is FusionTV?
Fusion TV is an internet based TV show hosted every other Friday morning by Sally Liddicoat (from http://AttaBoySolutions.com/) and Ely Delaney (from http://MyBusinessMarketingMentor.com/) two of the founders of Fusion.

It is created by entrepreneurs/business people for entrepreneurs and business people. We discuss topics that effect business people each and every day during their journey to grow their businesses as well as themselves as people.

It is a laid back unscripted talk show style show where we share the lessons we have learned as well as the insight we receive from our viewers and business people we encounter in our daily travels.

Past Episode Topics have included:

* Dealing With Negative People in Your Life
* Creative Ways To Generate Buzz About Your Business
* Attitude – How Does It Effect Your Business?
* Top 10 Lessons Learned
* Personal Responsibility or Victim, You Choose?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for the conversation and the fun. You never really know what is going to happen since we kind of "Fly By The Seat of Our Pants" most of the time 🙂

Where Do You Broadcast From?
FusionTV is broadcast from a Tully's Coffee Shop in the WestGate Plaza in Glendale Arizona. http://budurl.com/fusiontvhome

We take over a small area of their lobby and set up our video equipment. They are open for business during our broadcasts and audience members are encouraged to stop by, get a coffee or a smoothie and say hi to us.

You can watch the show and be a "live studio audience" at the same time 🙂

What if I have a show idea for you?
We LOVE show ideas from our viewers. In fact many of our past shows were on topics suggested by viewers just like you.

If you have a specific request for topics you would like us to cover shoot us an email at whatisthefusion@gmail.com and we will be happy to see about adding it to our line up.See More
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at Coffee Plantation
9404 West Westgate Boulevard # C103
Glendale, United States

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