Future of Screen Technology

Future of Screen Technology

This is the result of TAT’s Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few.
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12 thoughts on “Future of Screen Technology

  1. These guys were just a bit hyped up back in 2010, as you can see the video release date, the interface on the devices look like old windows 7 mango or something

  2. wow these guys had real high expectation for 2014, this video made in 2010, The illusion of the future, the interface on the devices look kinda plain and ulgy anyway, alot of people don’t understand the point of progressing in technology, its not about the fancy flexible or transparent screens or holographics, undertand that its more about moving more towards TRUE application and practicality, (the expandable screen could be used to shrink a larger phone or tablet to fit in your pocket)

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