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  1. It will probably be like Gorilla Glass 4 by then = very strong almost like polycarbonate = so it wont shatter ,break apart, or crack as easily. Im already impresssed by gorilla glass 2 !!

  2. sorry didn’t realize it was a personal attack. u made a mistake, jus thought i would help u understand.. tis what the internet was created for, sharing info, ideas, art and opinions.. what is your deal with africa.. u know its not all what the charities show, there is some serious money in africa as well. and they r online, increasing so.. anyone can reply to comments, its chatting on yt.. try not to take yt so seriously and see it for what it is.. video sharing site that ppl can also comment

  3. ppl in africa have the internet, some 50million facebook users While the telecommunications market in Africa is still in its early stages of development, it is also one of the fastest-growing in the world. In the 2000s, mobile telephony in Africa has been booming, and mobile telephony is now substantially more widespread than fixed line telephony. maybe u should try using the internet for discovering what is really going on in the world.. lol nasa r awesome, land beyond the clouds is a universe

  4. what on earth r u talking about? africa is a huge chunk of land, some of the ppl very wealthy.. one of the reasons i got annoyed about live aid, is how come they don’t look after their own, like we do in europe. u don’t see ppl in europe starving on the streets, bc we take care of everyone.. even live aid is how humans care for others.. but i promise u there r loads of wealthy ppl, they should be taxed so they too could have a humane country. i did check, there r millions of african channels ;p

  5. I know how controlled most of this world is. Most people from Africa are not on this video. Go look through the comment section. You can see right there what nation has the most involvement. It’s not 100 percent accurate but it gives you a general idea. Most of my viewers are from USA as well as my commenters.

  6. how is sharing info, creating another medium to express art, play with light energy and giving ppl a place they can explore anything to do with ‘dicks’ maybe u could do some research into what africa is really like, before u jump to conclusions.. pretty sure lots of ppl in africa have the internet also.. its jus they don’t make films highlighting the issues of the wealthy africans.. lol go back to trying to understand the world with books, if u have such an issues.. some ppl want to learn more

  7. Good thing no one from Africa is on here. I don’t like what google is doing, they are making too much reliance on them.. They really want to have you as their slaves. While they tell you everything you need to do next, like suck their dicks, jump on their dicks, and many more things involving their dicks. They are dicks, brats

  8. Guerrillas don’t shoot each other. They shoot at fascist dictators and their puppets. The propaganda in your world has made you into a horrible person. Not your fault, but please wake up.

  9. in all fairness its jus a name, glass.. telecommunications r way more complex than the old wind up telephones.. but we still call them phones.. jus think if u could go backin time and show ppl todays phones with all the various apps.. lol

  10. this planet has had a huge history of various weathers.. and we r still progressing so.. anyway have u seen modern glass, u couldn’t even put an sledge hammer through it, so i doubt a bit of wind is going to be a problem, if anything u r safer. more than homes made of the old glass. jus think u could sit in your glass roof jus watching nature with a cup of coco ; )

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