Fyne Lyne’s Website University: WordPress 202 with Lynn Amos

Fyne Lyne’s Website University: WordPress 202 with Lynn Amos
Event on 2015-10-15 19:00:00
Do you have a functioning WordPress website but are frustrated by not being able to display your content the way you’d like? Do you know there must be a way to create the functionality but you just don’t know who to ask.?  Get your WordPress questions answered at this interactive W@tercooler workshop with Lynne Amos of Fyne Lyne Ventures! The process of updating a website can feel intimidating, but there is really very little you can do to “break” a WordPress site. You’ll leave this class with the confidence to: Create a slideshow with animation and captions Create columns within your text Add images to sidebar widgets Create password-protected pages Add PayPal buttons Learn legal best practices (Intellectual Property, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.) Learn to do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   Special Guest Speaker Kyle McMurry, Founder of First in Line, will be doing a special segment on the enormous value of having video content on your WordPress website, including:   The 5 Essential Videos every business owner needs on their WordPress site to drive more leads, sales and traffic. The Small Business Owner’s Video Equipment Buying Guide that gets you started making videos in 48 hours for less than 0 How to give your videos a professional shine that makes you stand heads and shoulders above your competition in less than 5 minutes. The “Cold Open” Video Formula used by all the top online marketers that guarantees viewer engagement. 7 Time and Money Saving Tricks to get you started making videos in 48 hours.   In this 90-minute workshop you will learn how to perform all of these WordPress functions and gain resources for help in the future, should you need it.  Bring your laptop to follow along or to illustrate questions you may have. Feel free to email Lynn Amos with additional topics you would like to have covered during the workshop if you are planning to attend: lynn@fynelyne.com About the Instructor Lynn Amos, founder of Fyne Lyne Ventures, has more than 25 years’ experience working with New York City metro area business owners, creating marketing communications materials. She started her career as a magazine Art Director in New York City then moved on to direct the marketing efforts of small businesses based in New Jersey, Long Island, Fairfield County, and Westchester County before opening her own award-winning design consulting firm in 2006. She has been designing for the web since 2002, and is known for her expertise in custom WordPress design. Lynn has a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of New Mexico and studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She works with small- and medium-sized business owners who don’t have an in-house art or marketing department as well as partnering with larger design firms who occasionally need additional hands on deck. 

at W@tercooler
21 North Broadway
Tarrytown, United States

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