Gabrielle Bernstein & Natalie MacNeil | Miracles Now Virtual Book Club

Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil and New York Times Best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein host a virtual event for her new book, Miracles Now. In this video you will…

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23 Responses to Gabrielle Bernstein & Natalie MacNeil | Miracles Now Virtual Book Club

  1. shetakesontheworld says:

    That link again was

  2. Indigo International says:

    Thank you ladies, you are both a gift to the world :) SO Inspired by your shining light ♡ Namasté, Aimee

  3. Natalie MacNeil says:

    We tried to answer as many questions as we could in the 30 minute Q&A and I apologize if yours didn’t get answered. I hope you enjoyed the event though, and we appreciate you showing up and spreading the love xoxo

  4. Krystal Smith says:

    Who won the shelfie contest? I can’t wait to see the recording! Thank you both so much for doing this. xo

  5. Eboni Banks says:

    i second michele!

  6. Marissa Schain says:

    Thank you both so much! I enjoyed that so much.

  7. Arlene March says:

    Thank you

  8. Ali Pinckney says:

    Hi Gabby, I’m having a lot more “moments of light” but my ego keeps charging back. How do I keep my ego from getting the best of me? In the moment, it’s hard to remember what is true.

  9. Michele Jones says:

    Hi Ladies! Gabby, I wanted to give a testimonial. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you writing a book that I immediately UNDERSTAND. Simply put, thank you

  10. BlissFull Heart says:

    Hi I love you both! I wanted to know about diet/lifestyle choice? Are you vegan or vegetarian? I know Kundalini encourages veganism, so I was just wondering what your stance was on that?

  11. me says:

    Can’t help but have the “Let It Go” Frozen song in my head from your guidance tonight (and the fact I have a 4 yr old dghtr). How do you move away from fearing success?

  12. Allison Longton says:

    How do you move on from a negative relationship with a friend that no longer serves you when they don’t want to let you go?

  13. Marissa Pittam says:

    What’s the best way to clear your mind when meditating? I find my mind keeps racing with thoughts constantly, even when I’m taking a yoga class. Thanks :)

  14. Jacie Sites says:

    Thanks so much Gals!!!

  15. Kelly Bennett says:

    Hello! Any advise for dating as a strong spirited entrepreneurial woman to allow more love, fun, and openness to someone who isn’t on the same spiritual path?

  16. Nateisha Riddell says:

    What was that link just posted?

  17. TheKelsmommy says:

    Gabby, is there any way to help loved ones who you care about while still maintaining your spiritual authenticity?

  18. Arlene March says:

    Hi Gabby! I wanted to know if you can manifest more than one thing at a time?

  19. Vic C says:

    Thank you! :) Hope that was helpful for others as well.

  20. Nateisha Riddell says:

    gabbyb… something. I didn’t have a chance to write it down. 😛

  21. Emily Aube says:

    how do you bust through fear when you’re called to spread the light but you are scared you won’t be successful

  22. Vic C says:

    Gabby, the more spiritual work I do, the deeper I fall into depression – is this normal?

  23. Michele Jones says:

    I use all the books daily and I made mini flash cards too!

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