GadKo Owner Speaks On His Company’s Upcoming One Year Anniversary

Cornelia, GA (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

As GadKo approaches its one year anniversary in January of 2014, I sat down with owner Daniel Kuhl to talk about the progress of the first year, and major plans for the upcoming years. Daniel explains, “As we approach this milestone, I’m just thank God for the fact that not only are we still here, but we’re doing far better than I could have ever expected. Every goal I’ve set for this company so far we’ve shattered. My plans for the next year are expansion. Basically, to the best of my financial and physical ability, I plan to expand. It’s actually already begun. Where we began as mostly a drop-ship company, we’ve now started carrying our own inventory for more than 3/4 of our orders. This allows us to save money by both, buying in bulk, and the added savings on shipping the items ourselves. We’ve also expanded our product line by quite a bit. Where we started as primarily cables and adapters, we’ve now reached far beyond that into many other electronics, mobile accessories, tools, even household appliances. A physical warehouse might be much closer in our future than originally anticipated, If we keep growing as I’d like to, who knows? I see a limitless world for the future of my company.”

Daniel, and his wife Chelsea, now both work full time for their company. While there are no immediate plans to hire anyone, the two admit that an employee, or multiple employees, may not be that far off. Expansion, after all, will require that.

Still not a full year old, his company is quickly becoming one of the top-ranked sellers on the worlds largest online marketplace. Gadko now has over 30,000 products available for purchase online. When asked why he seems to be succeeding where many others fail, Daniel said, I mostly just try to always make sure the customer is completely happy. Customers like good communication, fast shipping, good prices, and good products and having all of those things sure helps. Sounds like the same values that mattered on Main Street are also keys to success in the new Mom and Pop online world.

Yes, the world is changing. Its evolved to a point where the rules and traditions of the past can only take us so far. We ourselves have to be willing to adapt the values of yesterday to the technology of tomorrow. It looks like Gadko might be off to a good start. Good luck to Mom and Pop Kuhl.

By Marjorie Tuckett

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