GAIN Monthly Luncheon with Bryan Edelstein of Eventplicity

GAIN Monthly Luncheon with Bryan Edelstein of Eventplicity
Event on 2014-09-24 11:30:00

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Company Description:

Eventplicity is a digital concierge company that streamlines event booking. The company’s software integrates with venue websites to facilitate real-time pricing, availability and packaging, empowering anyone to easily plan a custom private event.


Bryan Edelstein (President & CEO) is a seasoned entrepreneur in the hospitality, marketing, and digital fields – specialization in launching, growing, and selling companies. Back in high school, (prior to starting his own businesses), Bryan worked as a waiter and assistant manager – gaining several years of restaurant experience. In college, he booked and coordinated hundreds of special events while serving as his fraternity’s social director and rush chair … and also promoted events for several popular nightclubs. Before he was old enough to get into a bar, Bryan founded his own upscale lounge, Martiny’s (which he later sold). After graduation from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Administration, Bryan launched a pizza restaurant (which he later sold). He then went on to produce the largest annual ‘pub crawl’ event in America with over 10,000 participants (GatorStompin™ – which he later sold). Bryan then published an entertainment magazine that focused on restaurants and bars (which he later sold). After this, he produced a variety of music and comedy events including shows with Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Kathy Griffin, and Snoop Dogg. Next, Bryan joined DDC Internet and expanded the company from 300 to over 1,500 clients – making it the largest online medical directory of its kind. This rapid growth led to DDC’s acquisition by a larger firm, Everyday Health (a publicly traded, top-ranked online portfolio of health-related websites – valued at over 0 million). Bryan joined Everyday Health and led the team from million to over million in sales over a 30 month time period. Immediately before developing Eventplicity, Bryan consulted various companies in the fields of internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), lead generation, social media, and web development.

at Hilton University of Florida Conference Center Gainesville
1714 Southwest 34th Street
Gainesville, United States

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