Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Initial Review!

Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Initial Review!

Here’s me unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone! See details and high-res photos here:…

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21 Responses to Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Initial Review!

  1. Sanjay makhija says:

    on s3 with stock rom…when you tap on the phone icon it does take a while before loading your contacts etc…. anyways which one you’d prefer the htc one or s4??

  2. Wolfreds says:

    This is the best review I saw for this phone. I’m getting it, suits my needs way better than iPhone…

  3. wltjd1814 says:

    Wow…that’s so cool i want buy now~!

  4. RiqueFWC says:

    Im keeping my s3 until the galaxy note 3 drops. I was using my friends note 2 makes my phone look like a joke

  5. YM M says:

    Cough and clear your throat!! I couldn’t even pass the one minute mark cuz it sounded nasty!!

  6. Oliver Okland says:

    in other videos u could see lag on the widgets. Does it happen to your lte version?

  7. Desmonde Ovelton says:

    $200 for a phone that does basically everything? Worth it.

  8. Desmonde Ovelton says:

    dude just sell it. Sprint will buy just the original S2 for$60 US currency

  9. charmagne predas says:

    you are correct. that was a ipad3 in the parcel which i got from Apple-YT questionnaire content last week. And, email and your address is enough to get your iphone 5. i found it here >>

  10. pecatata says:

    Too much money ;(

  11. vangt858 says:

    oh , so you are that kind of farmer…lol

  12. fudonat says:

    yeah i can see your hand shagging

  13. Sanjay makhija says:

    Thanks max…. For replying What i meant was that when you tap the phone icon on S3 it does take a while before opening up and loading the contacts etc… What i wanted to know whether this was present in s4 also… Also one more thing… Which one you’d choose out of htc one and s4?

  14. johnkor says:

    Zedomax can u do a demo on the IR blaster for the S4 on ur tv ?

  15. warf13579 says:

    can you adjust the size of the little box of the dual camera feature? lts so smalllll i wanna make it bigger i love your voice btw hahaha

  16. pony66360 says:

    im sold

  17. TowlieYourATowel says:

    Was supposed to get it today but my mom changed her mind maybe we are getting evicted and need the money?

  18. smartAL912 says:

    WTF 0:05!?!?!?

  19. Morgan Mcpherson says:

    you sound like belethor off skyrim. lol

  20. Morgan Mcpherson says:

    so. im stuck fucking htc qwerty phone

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