Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Initial Review!

Galaxy S4 Unboxing and Initial Review!

Here’s me unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone! See details and high-res photos here:…

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  1. on s3 with stock rom…when you tap on the phone icon it does take a while before loading your contacts etc…. anyways which one you’d prefer the htc one or s4??

  2. you are correct. that was a ipad3 in the parcel which i got from Apple-YT questionnaire content last week. And, email and your address is enough to get your iphone 5. i found it here >>

  3. Thanks max…. For replying What i meant was that when you tap the phone icon on S3 it does take a while before opening up and loading the contacts etc… What i wanted to know whether this was present in s4 also… Also one more thing… Which one you’d choose out of htc one and s4?

  4. can you adjust the size of the little box of the dual camera feature? lts so smalllll i wanna make it bigger i love your voice btw hahaha

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