Gallery Competition Week 1 and Week 2!

Wanna Take Part in The Gallery Competition? Well Every Week I Will Anounce the Theme, Send your Submitions to:

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4 Responses to Gallery Competition Week 1 and Week 2!

  1. chippy miner says:

    These drawers are so shit they should go to a canel and shit bricks

  2. HeartJGB says:

    1. You are NOT a famous Youtuber. 2. You are NOT a judge, so post your opinions elsewhere. 3. NO ONE cares about your opinion. 4. You are NOT welcome to this channel. 5. You are a sad troll and no body here cares about your comments. Goodbye.

  3. Cameron Minerz says:

    he said he was told to troll by mates, on another he claims to bé a famous utuber

  4. Cameron Minerz says:

    Awful Trolling by MineFORdiomands! One video comment

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