Game Night

Game Night

Image by Randy Son Of Robert
My oldest son and his buddies have gotten into some sophisticated board games lately. This one is called "Settlers of Catan". Most of them are building games where you aquire resources and then develop your squares on the game board. The others that we have played are Puerto Rico, Agricola and Ticket to Ride.

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6 Responses to Game Night

  1. MaryTClark says:

    love the tone here. by the way my head hurts just looking at this game!

  2. winglessangel383838 says:

    Looks like a hard game! I need something easy like Sorry! Even Monopoly takes too much time and energy for me these days!

  3. FotoBloke .. in Florida says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Flickr-ING (as an Olympic Sport) Comment 2-Use Codes, and we’d love to have this added to the group! Whatever happened to ‘snap’ ?

  4. ScarletPeaches says:

    well that looks complicated beyond my comprehension

  5. Blauelf says:

    "Siedler von Catan" is a great game. The wooden parts of the game look the same in the German original (the robber is black, not grey as on the photo), but the printed parts seem to be redesigned (maybe copyright/Urheberrecht issues). Is this an USA version?

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