Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat [ORIGINAL UPLOAD]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Game of Thrones opening sung by a cat [ORIGINAL UPLOAD]

  1. heatedfrost says:

    Wow, the visuals? Never been closer to a seizure.

  2. turtlewings says:

    I’m going to crank the volume, set this on repeat, aim my speakers at my dickwad neighbor’s shared apartment wall and then leave for eight hours.

  3. Luciana Pitschnig says:

    muuuuuitoooo fffffffffooooooooooooffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….amoooooooooo

  4. RadioR3d says:

    what the hell did I just watch

  5. HarrisonGrecoStudios says:

    Game of Thrones theme song

  6. MSIXVI06 says:

    Looks like I’m not sleeping anymore. This won’t stop playing in my head -_-.

  7. 1androo2 says:

    This is awesome, what is the name of this song? the original

  8. QuarianAdmiral says:

    This should be used for the opening to the show

  9. Priscila Policichio says:

    Omg, the cat is from Brasil, i was never so proud of my country!! :’)

  10. froll1999 says:

    Game of Thrones Title Theme.

  11. bamitznick says:

    No, This is the Light and savoir of the internet!

  12. Özgür Özsoy says:

    What is the original name of song?

  13. TheMaddJon says:

    For the internet is dark and full of terrors

  14. joy deshazo says:

    I love cats but this is dueling Siamese torture …

  15. AxelQC says:

    No, they had Leonardo da Vinci instead. Aren’t we so much better off?

  16. AxelQC says:

    That’s so awful that it works!

  17. kristenbilbruck says:


  18. Mona Lisa says:

    In XV century we had no Internet and no cats singing ‘Game of Thrones’ theme. That’s sad…

  19. sundaygirl006 says:


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