Game Of Thrones Top 3 Finale Ranking

Game Of Thrones Top 3 Finale Ranking. Season 4 Episode 10 prep. Daenerys Targaryen Dragons vs Red Wedding aftermath vs White Walkers and Season 5 ▻ http://bi…
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  1. [Bonus Video] Ranking *Game of Thrones* Top 3 Finales. Daenerys Targaryen vs Valar Morghulis vs White Walkers. Game Of Thrones Top 3 Finale Ranking #gameofthrones #gameofthroness4e10 #gotfinale #daenerystargaryen #tyrionlannister #peterdinklage #aryastark #maisiewilliams 

  2. There is not a doubt in my mind that this will be the best finale of the series and easily in the top episode contention with the Red Wedding. It absolutely has the potential with the list of things I know will be coming.

  3. Thanks for the bonus video. So excited for tomorrow!! I hope “Someone” finally shows up! And I hope 1 person dies in a shitty way. Other then that I know nothing. I also expect Arya to change paths. I love the scenes with Sandor but… it’s time. I’m sure the show will defer from the book series with the other characters as well, but I’m okay with that now..I like surprises. My favorite finale so far was season 1, because Everything changed so much from episode 1. The characters really developed and by then we had all chosen our “teams”. I just really like where they left off to begin season 2. 

  4. I think this finale will honesty be one of the best. They are all so good but for me, knowing what is going to happen, everybody is going to flip out and be so shocked! Great Video Charlie as always!

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