Game Program Attack! – Game of Zones (Ep #8)

The latest Deep Space 69 episode “She Was a Lady Planet” now up on – ▶ Game Program Attack is finally in game form! Go play now – If you could actually play one GPA game so far, which would you choose? More on our website: LIKE GPA on facebook! Twitter @GPAttack Defend thy kingdom as the loyal KNIGHT in this riveting tower defense battle for glory! Protect the noble LORD and his kingdom from those foul and mischievous greenbacks known as ORCS! Purge their sinful ways from your lands and let the rivers run green red with their blood! Only YOU can make it safe for your peoples once more! Created By: Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin Written by: Brett Alexander Cast: Travis Betz as Lord – Ryan Wells as Knight Paul Straw as Commissioner Orcs: Brian Carney, Matt Loman, Nick Allen Archers – Phil McLaughlin Animation Lead: Brian Carney Music by: Alex Clark Cartridge Art by: Matt Kasunic Main Title Animation: Joey Reinisch Picture and Sound Editing: Phil McLaughlin Art Direction and Design: Joey Reinisch Produced by: Explosomagico
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Game Program Attack! – Game of Zones (Ep #8)

  1. yolokiller651 says:

    wanna play mineshaft i think it would be awesome

  2. SKandSCS says:

    I would definetaly play mineshaft (Description question answer)

  3. DYERnation says:

    orcish sex stink

  4. firnron002 says:


  5. iLiKeCeRe says:

    i bet half of the people that watch this dont know what it really means! :(

  6. nikola aleks says:

    love your intros! 😀

  7. Benjamin Street says:

    pretty sure there was a Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy reference slotted in there…

  8. DenisTekila1 says:

    This is for shure not related with the native americans 😀

  9. TheRealSharpSword says:

    Orc Orc Orc Orc! Racist. lol

  10. NoNoYourDoingItWrong says:

    Ghetto Indian Orks! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!

  11. blindguardian1977 says:

    It makes a twisted sence m’lord

  12. Argonwolfproject says:

    Haha, I love the casinos. Compares the orcs to the Native Americans retaking their lands ( at least stereotypically ). XD

  13. explosomagico says:

    Hey guys! Fun fact for you all. There is a neat filter effect on every GPA episode that is only visible in full 1080HD. We call it the “CRT” filter - This recreates the Red/Green/Blue pixels of old CRT TVs to make the games look just like they used to back in the good old days! CHECK IT OUT!

  14. LightningLord2 says:

    My choice would be Knife Hawks.

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