Gamification Becomes Inherent Part of E-Learning, Says Mind Commerce in Its New Research Report Recently Published at

London, UK (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

Nowadays, E-learning represents an essential part of the educational process. E-learning is closely connected with the usage of various electronic devices and computing technologies. It is used across a wide range of sectors including business training, school, full distance learning courses, among others. Owing to ongoing advances in the a a service model E-learning is presently often cloud-based.

Game elements and game mechanisms are already recognized as a significant element of educational process. Nowadays, gamification is gaining momentum as an inherent part of E-learning. Gamification in this sphere is the adoption of different game techniques and elements in the non-game e-leaning process, which is aimed to motivate learners and encourage them to solve various problems.

At present, gamification in the E-learning market is on the upward trajectory. Be 202, it is expected to reach USD 319 billion. Meanwhile, college education and massive open online courses (MOOCs) are predicted to account for the lions share of the market (about 69%).

New research report Gamification in E-Learning Marketplace prepared by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC has been recently uploaded at

Report Details:

Title: Gamification in E-Learning Marketplace

Published: April, 2015

Pages: 23

Price: US$ 3,995.00

This in-demand report provides a detailed analysis of the e-learning market landscape and examines the importance of gamification in the E-learning process. The publication presents valuable historical data on the market performance; offers information on market implication and revenues, suggests an overview of certain examples of the gamification usage in the E-learning. Furthermore, the report recognizes the major opportunities for gamification, identifies strategies for implementing gamification in educational process, scrutinizes gamification technologies and solutions. The research study examines the key market challenges restraining the market growth; investigates the market top trends, tendencies, opportunities and prospects. Data on the market value by technology platform and by segment is also uncovered in the report. Extensive forecasts for E-learning market up to 2020 are provided here.

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