Garry & Rita Gekhman Robot’s Showcase (enhanced quality)

Garry & Rita Gekhman Robot's Showcase (enhanced quality)

I’ve always loved the Gekhman Robot Showdance, but could never find a perfect version to show my friends – until now watch in high quality
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Garry & Rita Gekhman Robot’s Showcase (enhanced quality)

  1. danzo4danzo says:

    wouwwwwwwwww  complimenti…..siete bravissimi

  2. CuckooNuts says:

    Gorgeous bodies! Fun and fantastic dance. Thanks SOOOO much for posting this.

  3. kyllitedre says:

    great 😀

  4. 18steps says:

    I never get tire

  5. 18steps says:

    i watch this practically all the time. Still BLOW my mind

  6. jcii2 says:

    After seeing the Garry & Rita Gekhman Robot’s Showcase dance performed on Dancing with the Stars,  I was curious about that song. Thanks for that information.

  7. shuttervox says:

    Very “Blade Runner”, right? Or is that just me?

  8. Jorge Soto says:

    The Song is Called the Popcorn Song

  9. BallroomDivaa says:

    My favorite showdance :) This video always makes me smile . . . lol

  10. myLIFEisNAtarantella says:

    thank’s! :)

  11. Jorge Soto says:

    Popcorn song

  12. melindaAbiond says:

    Beautiful video! But I need to help you… I need to know the song title ke begins to 2:15… Help is important!

  13. JusDuckie says:

    I can’t get enough of this clip. I love it! –beautiful, inspired dancing with a sense of humor! -I love the way they suddenly, and seamlessly shift into 3/4. The whole routine is marvelous.

  14. dapenda says:

    add &fmt=18 to the end for HD

  15. MHSnonie says:

    I freaking love this showdance!!!! OMG def one of my favorites… they are so cool =)

  16. amicka75 says:

    .. not my favorite but good perf anyway

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