Gary Vaynerchuk Explains: How Marketing Works

MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING: Whether it’s radio, television, Facebook, Groupon, Living Social, Snapchat, or even email, once enough attention is being given to a particular platform, marketers…
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24 thoughts on “Gary Vaynerchuk Explains: How Marketing Works

  1. *Will marketers **ever** play nice in the sandbox?* Or in +Gary Vaynerchuk’s words: “Will cats ever stop eating all of the mice long enough to let them repopulate?” This caught my interest because if Gary Vee’s right then I’m curious… *When will marketers find a way to ruin Google+?* Or do you think they already have? *One of the reasons people love Plus is there’s on ads* That doesn’t mean there aren’t marketers here but it *does* mean we *choose* to #engage with them here… So are we seeing the cats playing nice? Or is it only a matter of time until a YouTube type model becomes the norm in Google+ as well? #thoughtsoftheday 

  2. Loving the cats and the mice analogy of this. It still amazes me how many brands stick to what they know with their marketing mix because they *think* it’s safe because they’ve always done it. And they’re blind to the declines on those channels. It’s only when you actually get to show them huge revenue through social media that their heads start to turn properly, and really start to believe in it. What’s next on the horizon though Gary? I think Shots has got potential to be the next big thing? Still trying to get my head around how right hooks can work on a selfie platform though. Any ideas?

  3. One other thing I’ve done which has helped me handle some of my marketing is to observe how I shop and buy things. Observing myself as a human, a tech savvy guy that likes to buy on the Internet instead of brick & mortar, has helped me capture a lot of new customers. For our online store, I’ve found standard google ad’s are crap. But, Google Product Listing is the hip best way to get the most out of my money. Wait, so I can advertise at the top of a google result WITH a photo, WITH a price (to disqualify out people that don’t want to spend that much) and it costs me, in some cases, less than a google text based ad? Yeah, CLICK, subscribe to that notion. How did I know it would work? I found myself doing it more and more when shopping online.

  4. FB&youtube, alot of fake vydz and picture shows cant find real reviews anymore. Junkin up youtube and google searchez. A tactic they use is calling you by your first name to get yer softspot.

  5. Gary, since you were correct and shook your head ‘no’ about the drafting of Mark Sanchez, what do you think about the QB’s in this coming draft? Mariota, Winston?…someone else?

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