Geary LSF Responds To Google’s Enhanced Campaigns – A One Size Fits All Solution For A Multi-Size World

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

With the recent announcement regarding Google’s expected release of UI changes to the AdWords platform, Geary LSF, a leading global digital advertising agency, speaks to the effect the proposed changes will have on the digital advertising industry.

Googles Enhanced Campaigns are likely to be beneficial to primarily smaller entities and marketers that lack resources, or in some instances the knowledge to deploy highly segmented campaigns. However, for programs that currently are architected to address individual audience segments, the new functionality seems to remove the ability to control that customized experience, says Liz Serafin, Vice President of Media for Geary LSF.

Rather than an all-in approach, Geary LSF, and hundreds of other marketers who have signed an online petition regarding the changes, are hoping for the ability to opt-in or out of Enhanced Campaigns based on specific goals and objectives of individual advertisers.

When asked about the significance of the change, Ms. Serafin, a digital marketer with over ten years of experience, had the following to say, Enhanced Campaigns will cause us to have to change how we think about campaign architecture and how we go about day-to-day operational tasks of managing AdWords programs.

For many, the proposed AdWords UI changes are the most significant changes Google has released since replacing reporting tabs with exportable data more than five years ago.

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