Gemini – Robots (Chrome Sparks Remix)

‘Robots’ remixed by the amazing Chrome Sparks, featuring re-recorded vocals from Gemini. Original taken from the Mercury EP available to buy from Inspected Records now: iTunes: Beatport: ● Follow Chrome Sparks: Facebook: Twitter: ● Follow Gemini: Facebook: Twitter: ● Follow me on: Facebook: Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Gemini – Robots (Chrome Sparks Remix)

  1. Ctwo Chapman says:

    happy new year mate.

  2. SliKdaASS says:

    fuck that shit, happy new year :)

  3. Ctwo Chapman says:

    maybe i am maybe i ant tbh i dont really know where i am going with this haha

  4. SliKdaASS says:

    you are the one trying to insult :) 

  5. Ctwo Chapman says:

    hhaha this is why you are a tool the fact that you have to correct me on youtube LOL

  6. SliKdaASS says:

    you’re* have a good english lesson 😉

  7. Ctwo Chapman says:

    well i guess so but still i think your abit of a tool and i was most definitely not trying to be funny so i hope you mean you were anyway back to life :) have a good day

  8. SliKdaASS says:

    songs nowadays surprise a lot… my comment? a failed funny wannabe comment.

  9. Ctwo Chapman says:

    hah yeah but from the intro cant you tell that this is a smother track ? and there ant really any kind of drop but more of a progressive build i just thought your comment was abit unnecessary for this type of track

  10. SliKdaASS says:

    I do, but judging by the name I thought itll be something heavier… I have my own taste in music 😉

  11. Ctwo Chapman says:

    haha and people like you are the ones who dont understand music

  12. SyntacraftLaserguns says:

    gah i love these vocals

  13. SoFlo2112 says:

    Their would be 69 likes on this post….

  14. 7ebuss says:

    Snoop dogg should use this track.

  15. PanikBeatz says:

    “Bad Santa” (up for free download) check it out!

  16. skullminator says:

    I want more release from inspector dubplate!!!

  17. TheDubstepMob says:

    Hey DubHeads! TheDubstepMob got into the Christmas spirit and decided to create a 30 minute long dubstep mixer. So stop by and take a quick listen if you have the time! Merry Christmas!

  18. BackBurner144 says:

    Gross. Don’t say it like that.

  19. Pjotr van griensven says:

    I’d say 2-Step.

  20. David van Wyhe says:

    dat 1:10

  21. BloberBoy says:

    😀 okeyy 😀 

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