Generation Y Saves for Retirement with Robotic Trading

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Robotic Trading Systems, the leader in automated trading for the average investor, has noticed a sharp growth in utilization of robotic traders among members of Generation Y. They are rejecting the traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds, 401(k)s, and IRAs in favor of self-directed investment with automated trading. In the last month alone 42% of new account sign ups have been attributed to members of Generation Y. This is a new trend that has been noticed as members of Generation Y start to come of age and investigate opportunities to participate in the stock market.

According to Managing Partner, Nicholas Rausch, We have received a lot of interest from the younger generation. Technology is something they have grown up with. They embrace high-tech phones and computers and they seem to naturally gravitate toward robotic trading technology. They can manage their own money and pick a strategy that is right for them and the system will do all of the work.

A Robotic Trading System is a form of Artificial Intelligence in which the robotic trader acts as a trading surrogate and will carry out a user defined strategy 100% unattended. Robotic traders monitor complex market conditions and buy and sell stocks without user intervention. The intention is to give the investor the highest probability for success entering positions when the desired market conditions are met.

For $ 1,995 per year you can utilize a robotic trader to manage your stock portfolio and scalp profits every time they appear. With hundreds of preloaded strategies you can select a strategy suitable for you and the robotic trader will do all of the work for you. With the ability to utilize both long and short strategies, robotic traders offer a distinct advantage by monitoring massive amounts of data and complex market conditions and then make split second buy and sell decisions for its users.

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