Genscape Participates in the Daily Mail Group Trusts Second Annual Green Week Initiative

On July 13 to 17, the Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT), Genscapes parent company, will hold its second annual Green Week to raise environmental awareness and to help team members understand how they can contribute to greater sustainability.

Globally, Genscape is increasing its efforts to be eco-friendly, explained Matthew Burkley, CEO. Employees will be taking on a number of recycling initiatives and office challenges to raise awareness on sustainability and take action on climate change. Companywide, Genscape will be increasing recycling efforts and introducing other methods aimed at reducing our carbon footprint.

Genscape has appointed a Green Week committee, which has designed a week of interactive and informative events structured around recycling, the theme for this years Green Week. Each Genscape office will focus on a different aspect of sustainability with actionable measures including the collection of food waste for composting in the Boston office, a blood drive to demonstrate a unique approach to recycling in Houston, the introduction of house plants in Boulder to improve air quality, the collection of unwanted household items for charity in Louisville, and cleaning up pollution from local waterways by boat in Amsterdam.

In addition, employees in all offices are encouraged to participate in a weekly challenge presented by Genscapes Green Week committee. Those challenges include abstaining from new purchases, finding alternative transportation to work, and choosing meatless meals. By increasing environmental awareness, Genscape hopes to set the standard for sustainability in the workplace.

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