Genustech Launch New Eclipse ND Fader

(PRWEB) December 06, 2012

This variable neutral density filter enables photographers and videographers to easily control exposure in a 2 to 8 stop range by simply rotating the filter.

Traditionally, the end user would have to buy a range of fixed ND filters to achieve the degree of exposure flexibility offered by the new Eclipse ND Fader.

This not only saves the user money, it also saves space in the camera bag.

Its the only ND Filter you will ever need says Mark Blaker from Genus.

The filter is made using a new laser based method that ensures superior colour fidelity and sharpness when compared to competing products.

Blaker from Genus goes on to say:

The Eclipse ND Fader has been field tested by a select group of elite photographers and videographers. The response has been extremely positive. Many of those people would have previously shunned the use of variable ND filters based on inferior performance from many other ND Faders on the market.

Genustech Eclipse ND Fader beta testers have been astounded by the lack of colour cast and the sharpness of the filter. They liken its performance to much more expensive filters costing triple the price of the Eclipse.

Phil Arntz, Amsterdam based filmmaker who used the Eclipse on his stunning film Terra Australis has stated:

The best ND Fader I have ever used. Its incredibly sharp and the colours are so good I dont need to compensate for colour issues in post

Here is a link to Phil’s film Terra Australis showcasing the stunning images he produced with the Eclipse ND Fader

Terra Australis by Phil Arntz

Phil Arntz also did a review of the Eclipse ND Fader that can be found here

Eclipse ND Fader Review by Phil Arntz

Australian filmmaker Clinton Harn also did a video that can be found here

Eclipse ND Fader video by Clinton Harn

The wider front element minimises vignetting when using wider lenses, and the filter is available in the following sizes

52 mm

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