Geography & Google Earth

A look behind the scenes into why Geography matters, as students around the country prepare for the 2011 National Geographic Bee. Learn why it’s important from an Ocean Explorer, Global Rower and Adventurer. Download Google Earth at

16 thoughts on “Geography & Google Earth

  1. I am trying to get into the geography bee and i clicked on the link from national geographic and this video really helped. Thumbs up if you use geography every day!

  2. seems to me they’re only focusing on geography as a means of location, hopefully this is the first of many such ads as geo is so much more than simply sense of place.

  3. Well, that’s pretty amazing, that geographers make things “useful in the real world”, no words about it. But in other hand, some geographers (like me) dream about a world where phisical and human geography go together towards a unique science, diferent of others. Maybe political ecology, with authors like Piers Blaikie can give you an idea about that I talked (because my english is no good and the matter is complex). PE: I like biogeography and geomatic too.

  4. NG has excellent geographers! They relies on advertisement, therefore they aim 4 the most attractive spects of geography to the masses. Yet, a lot of people start studying geography watching NG because they C what’s interesting + useful in the real world. Don’t take it personal…geography is now more popular than ever B4 with technology and globalization. NG is mostly about exploration + biogeography. IMHO, people interested in Sauer, Ritter, Relph + Yi-Fu Tuan shouldn’t B watching NG.

  5. Sure, it’s a good video, but geography is not only a collage of geology, oceanography and more. Geography is science with a special point of view: the spatial analysis, the geographical distribution of matters. This special point of view is rarely knew, specially in human geography, so I think National Geographic dont mind about this modern geography. But maybe it isnt its fault, maybe geographers are quite unsociable, and of course this is a basic documental.

  6. They don’t need to be geographers…they are simply pointing out the benefits of using Google Earth as a geography tool. Anyway, Dr. Earle is a renown oceanographer with knowledge of geography of course. Oceanography is broad and correlates with geology and geography. This is a good video.

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