George Watsky- S for Lisp

George Watsky- S for Lisp

Featuring/hosting at the 2010 Collegiate National Poetry Slam Finals Cutler Majestic Theater, Boston There’s no high quality video of this poem floating arou…
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15 Responses to George Watsky- S for Lisp

  1. DailyNubbs says:

    George Watsky is the most creative guy I have ever heard of. He’s intelligent, hilarious, and hella nerdy in the best way. He spits fantastic rhymes without a second thought on what he’s saying because even he knows its genius. Stay brilliant, Watsky, you’re my new obsession xD

  2. Kim Bacon says:

    I love Watsky so much, this is just awesome

  3. Bob Jo says:


  4. Bob Jo says:

    You are my hero waltz key

  5. jb082598 says:

    he dosent have to practice hes that good

  6. TheCajunlover says:

    I appreciate this…

  7. Sarah Pritchett says:

    How many times did he have to practice this so he didn’t mess up

  8. Jared Shute says:

    Did… Did he even use any alliteration in this poem?

  9. Castiel HumanOfTheLord says:

    True that. Its crazy adorable.

  10. christian lamonte says:

    Is he gay?? I dont really care hes gud either way:)

  11. driftoz says:

    fucking awesome

  12. Shitanshu Sharad says:

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  13. TheHockeyIsLife3 says:

    Excuse me for stating an opinion, and I actually have listened to his songs. I had to listen to lots and write essays about them, don’t try to say I don’t know shit. It’s just an opinion, sorry if you enjoy his songs.

  14. TheHockeyIsLife3 says:

    Thank you for responding that way and not flipping tits, I think I get what you’re saying.

  15. Derpherp662 says:

    The amount of S’s…

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