Germany pressures Google to reveal its search algorithm

Germany pressures Google to reveal its search algorithm
He went on to say search results that don't show up on the first page practically don't exist, hence why so many businesses are engaging in search engine marketing. As a last resort, Maas did say that the 'unbundling' of Google (breaking Google down …
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Google Malware Notice Only On Organic Result?
Funny how on the same exact search results page, the malware warning only shows for the organic result and not the paid search ad. Which one is more delayed? The paid result or the organic result? You'd think Google would run both through the same …
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Ranking Video Not Just for MTV
When using video to attract attention to a business website, business owners can take various actions to make sure that the video is maximizing its presence on their site. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important parts of …
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