Get Free SEO & Digital Marketing Training In Norwich

Get Free SEO & Digital Marketing Training In Norwich
Event on 2013-08-08 09:00:00
Get The Best SEO & Digital Marketing Training In East Anglia For Free

Using this course businesses from all over the U.K have developed effective digital marketing strategies.

Drive more traffic and conversions online, once you have completed this free course.

“Thanks Yodely. And you – yes you reading this – go for it, it'll be a very smart move.” – Andrea Rippon – M.D Light-Bulb-Moments

You can gain more traffic and convert more leads online;

You will receive a straightforward zero fluff day of tuition on SEO & Digital Marketing. Delivered in plain English, over 120 businesses have taken part in the training this summer alone. Make sure you do not miss out.

Presented by Duncan Johnson, 16 year industry veteran & founder of digital marketing consultancy

“Duncan is a natural presenter…I would whole-heartedly recommend (Yodelay) for any paid work as well as for this generously offered free course.” – Marion Catlin Is your business successful online?

Technology and consumer behaviour are evolving at a lightning pace

“ I particularly liked the piece about the future of search and how the web is changing.” – Simon Doidge Owner Passion Auto

Position your buiness for digital success

“I'd recommend this course to any small business looking for practical and accessible advice.” – Paul Dickinson –


Face online & digital marketing with confidence

“ I gained a huge amount of confidence.” Andrea Rippon – M.D Light-Bulb-Moments


You will gain bucketloads of tips & tactics

“ I'm now fully armed with great tools and some useful tips for digital marketing that really matter.” – Jay Garmino


A step by step guide to digital marketing self sufficency

“ I learnt so much more than I thought possible.” -Simon Hiscox – Owner


Build your company into a relevant & authoritative online brand

“ It refreshed my thinking on the basics and I came away with lots of new tips and ideas to put into practice.” – Claire Montgomery – Owner Beaujolas & Beyond

Excellent content given free of charge

“An excellent day of SEO information and tips to apply to my website.” – Jane Jewell – Owner of First Aid Box


Easy to understand and implement business strategy

“Every element was practical and of immediate value to my banjo manufacturing and retail businesses.” – Simon Middleton -Owner Banjos

If you need practical & accessible digital marketing advice book your free place now


You will learn:

  • How to rank highly in Google
  • How to do effective keyword research
  • How to make your site relevant to important search terms & keywords
  • How to convert visitors to customers
  • Actionable technical tips you can implement right away, to improve performance and search rankings
  • Social Media productivity hacks
  • How to create content
  • How to optimise content
  • The future of search and what the search engines are planning next 
  • Why Google Authorship is so important
  • Why semantic markup is so important
  • Plus so much more!


What’s more you can attend a free online Google+ hangout the following day to ask follow up questions and learn even more.

Join us on Google+ to gain maximum benefit.Free SEO Training Course In Norwich

The training is held at the Drayton Old Lodge on the A1067 just outside Norwich.

The training is provided free of charge, attendees can purchase food and refreshments from the bar and restaurant available on site.  Budget between £5 – £15 for refreshments. Digital marketing warning

This is a serious intensive one day course. Please only attend if you are serious about and committed to building your business online.Serious Business Networking Opportunity

Thanks to the commitment and support of, each of the training courses also offer excellent business networking opportunities for you.

at Drayton Old Lodge
146 Drayton Road
Broadland District, United Kingdom

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