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  1. DavidWalshOnline says:

    That’s ok Peter, no problems 😉 David —

  2. MSPGenerator08 says:

    hoo sorry not mark i mean david XDD

  3. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey MSPGenerator08, Thanks very much for your comment. I don’t know who Mark is, but thanks anyway :) Thanks also for the Subscribe, much appreciated :) David —

  4. MSPGenerator08 says:

    hey mark thats a good tutorials im subcribed thank you..

  5. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey Mark, Thanks very much for your comment. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks also for downloading the report. :) Make sure to subscribe to get even more helpful tips each week to help you with your YouTube videos and Channel :) David —

  6. Mark Serebrin says:

    Thanks for the info, very helpful and yes I will order the report…LOL

  7. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey Faissal, Thanks very much for your comment. Glad you like the video :) Thanks also for downloading the report… If the background is hurting your eyes, it’s a sign your eyes are sensitive to bright red. It would be a colour you may want to stay away from on your videos. Since there are plenty of colours, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Hope that helps. Make sure to Subscribe to make sure you get ever more great tips to help you :) David —

  8. Faissal Man says:

    Hi David , i like the video , and i am downloading your report right now , just one thing , The red backround at the end of the video hurt my eyes ( is that something i need to consider when making my videos ) ? subscribed :) 

  9. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hi Leila, Thanks very much for your comment… Glad you found the video helpful, and it made you laugh :) Make sure to subscribe to get more helpful tips every week, and maybe some humour for you too… :) David —

  10. leila roberts says:

    Thanks David that was really helpful info. Ha loved the bit at the end made me laugh :)

  11. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey Louise, Thanks again for your kind words. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to get your videos working for you so you can easily afford me as a paid consultant 😉 David —

  12. Louise Aznavour says:

    Easy to follow ‘Video-Traffic Report’ and an excellent companion video. If I knew David, the master teacher and resource person 2-3 years ago, then deciphering the YouTube Channel would have been smoother while producing 25 videos with better quality. Having the discipline of Taekwondo under your belt, David you have energy and focus. ENERGY CREATES ENERGY. So, we remain your loyal students as we cannot afford you as our paid consultant !!! Louise Aznavour, PhD Psychologist Montreal-Canada

  13. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey A Vill, Thanks very much for letting me know about this. This is a first time I’ve seen this. It’s prob a bug in YouTube. I’ll see if I can get them on it. Check back again and hopefully they’ll have sorted it out :) Thanks again. David —

  14. A Vill says:

    Like the video but for some reason the sound plays but your video stops playing! Would like to see the whole video! Thanks !! I do want to learn!

  15. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Spasiba Риф Габитов, much appreciated :)

  16. Риф Габитов says:


  17. DavidWalshOnline says:

    Hey Gary, Thanks very much for your kind words. Glad the video was worth it :) David —

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