Get the Lowest Prices and a Perfect Opportunity to Enjoy the Summer Vacation with Services Offered by Smile Travel Vietnam

(PRWEB) August 05, 2012

Smile Travel Vietnam is becoming one of the top websites providing travel information for tourists all over the world. In an on-going effort to improve its customer service, the website has officially launched a special promotion program. Accordingly, customers have chances to get a big discount on visa fee. The discount can be up to 50%. Applying for a visa online through the website is the best way to get the lowest prices and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer vacation. With a wide range of brands, customers are sure to find the offers that fit their needs. The visa service adheres to the standards of Vietnam Tourism, providing customers with comfort and convenience. Otherwise, they can go directly to the in their country to make a visa. As for those who choose to get a visa at the embassy, Smile Travel Vietnam launches local pages to offer them information relating to that embassy. For example, people living in Pakistan can use the website of Italy embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Italy is always an attractive destination for tourists all over the world to explore with the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and long-standing cultures. Therefore, more and more people choose Italy for their vocations and study. To enter Italy, most citizens are required to get a visa, so the website of Italy consulate in Pakistan has been launched online. In order to draw the attention of customers, the website is designed with an impressive interface. Subsections are arranged wisely to easily find the needed information. Right at the top of the site, it adds useful links of travel agencies organizing tours to Italy with promotion price.

A special thing is that customers are offered with details on Italy embassy such as address, phone number, fax, website, email, and even office hour. In addition, a map of the embassy is also available for help.

Especially, hundreds of the websites of Spain embassy in the world such as Italy embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are available for help. Obviously, not only does it post visa information but it also achieves more functions to meet its customers high demand.

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