Get To Know Windows 8

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  1. Maybe most, but I’ve extensively tried windows 8 and it was not intuitive at all. I keep giving it more chances, but I can’t tell you how many times it has frozen on me.

  2. Most tablets only do one thing at a time. However, this is Windows and you should expect it to do multitasking. It does. What the video didn’t show you is that you can open a second app which takes up a 3rd of the screen. Sadly, having two apps take split the screen in half is not possible, YET. That will comes with Windows 8.1

  3. i wanted to like it. but i used it for a week and could not do the tasks i was use to doing in windows 7. so long as microsoft continues to sell win 7 im fine with the os.

  4. It presumes that one only cares to do one thing at a time, because every “app” takes up the whole screen. They should rename it Window (or even Door because you can’t see through it).

  5. I do. I am using windows 8 on my gaming desktop. I use the email apps all the time. Much easier to use then a desktop ones and going on the website. If I need to know the weather I use that app. News apps I use such as C/Net app. Sports app to keep up on sports teams or look up stats quick or news. Twitter and FML apps I use. I didn’t like xbox music app but now it has gotten updates n I like it. iheartradio app I use. Map apps (also a google map app) TV show player apps. DEF calendar app.

  6. I see. But i dont agree with you. Who is even using metro apps on pc? When you’re on pc, you want to use desktop mode and desktop applications (how it always was and always been) and no stupid metro apps that were mostly designed for tablets lol

  7. “The only disadvantage is that on the startup you’ll see a metro” as in at start you are in the start screen on windows 8. That is not a disadvantage. You don’t use your computer to be on the desktop but to use apps. What better place to start then the start screen to start opening apps to use them. It would be like the start menu being open and your mouse already hovering over the start menu in windows 7 when you boot up. 

  8. I`m using win8 for almost a year on my desk top. Still not satisfied. OS still have bugs. I`m keep hoping and waiting for Service Pack. I think Win8 is low budget OS, designed by Microsoft to full amateurs

  9. I’m using windows 8 on desktop feels like it not completed. Internet Explorer 10 still have bugs. Probably Win8 good for tablets but not for desktop. Multitasking is limited with many Win8 apps, you have to install 3 party apps for that. But main thing for desktop is multitasking – be able to open and work with 3, 5 applications at ones on one screen. Yes seems like this OS for kids… And looks like this OS done by woman

  10. Hmm, not one mention of how to start, say, Photoshop or another program. I could care less about apps. I use my computer to work, not play. I need a new computer, but Windows 8 and all the complaints about it has caused me to wait.

  11. Well I don’t know what you were doing when you saved the image so I cant say anything about that. Also just use the desktop to look at images for the most part, and when you open an image to make it larger make sure the default app is the desktop one not the modern style one.

  12. What better place to start then the start screen? You don’t use the computer for the desktop, you use it for the apps. Why not start in the start screen so you can start opening apps?

  13. DISAGREE U said this 2 weeks ago I know. Thing is, now on my desktop I can use those modern style apps that I never would be able to before. I can play iheartradio on my gaming desktop PC. Use the Netflix app instead of navigating to the web site. Plus I can pin what I want to the start screen. Email apps have made things much easier. I love live tiles. I get information without opening the app. It doesn’t make it worse it just opens up a whole new world. Also, now tablets have a desktop.

  14. its all on the desktop. U can still use windows exactly how you use to. You can use the file explorer to go through files, documents, and folders but you can also search for files with the search charm. Control panel is still the same. It really is still the same desktop experience its just the start menu has become the start screen. You can always download a start menu though such as start8.

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