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  1. Oh, I understand. The food is there at the trays, but as it is a nanotech conference, they have to put signs to let people know… …Know that the nanosnacks are served waiting for them. I see…. so to speak.

  2. So, you talked to David Pogue here, then? (I did I double take when I saw your last name in the NY Times circuits email, said, hey, I know that name but it can’t be can it? Yepers!) You’re a mover and a shaker, yet you come play games with all commers. Very cool. Nano rules too. Cute Alieness. Yes, nanosnacks are actually good for you.

  3. Very funny Rocketeer & Alieness! Thanks. Ben: aw shucks. I did not know about that NYT article. Thanks for the heads up. It reads like an unedited transcript of some of the material used in his CBS News piece.

  4. Yea, a discussion on where it’s going. I need to read more of the full stories. The sound bytes leave out vital details usually. How’d you like the Sunday piece? David Pogue seems like a pretty straight shooter, but there’s a limit to how much info they can put in a two minute blurb. The self assembly stuff is very exciting.

  5. Rockee, you may have had a hard time but I couldn´t even see them! 😉 Hi Ben, and thank you for the advise. Please continue with the talking I didn´t mean to interrupt 🙂

  6. *grin* No interuption, but I will talk on for a bit if you insist.. *grin* Some hard core nano-technolgy fans have trouble with the self assembly stuff… And the nano particles in suspension stuff… They whine and say, ‘That’s just chemistry, we’ve been doing that for eons!’ And while that’s true, it’s kinda beside the point I think. Nano tech is a different way of thinking of chemistry. You’re looking at chemicals for the structures they produce and the properties of those structures as produced, instead of combining various chemicals, and going "hey, look, this cool goo comes out." Nano technology explains the cool goo, and suggests how to be less random about it’s construction. I haven’t studied the stuff intensely, but that’s my current observation… How’d I do Steve?

  7. Ben, do you follow steve´s blog? Here´s a cool post on Nanotech (fyi, I am Gisela Giardino on the comments) =) I agree with you -in my technical ignorance, tho- that nanotech is another thing. Not simply as the results it can bring in comparison to other fields of research, but as a core of knowledge itself. It is a completely different way of looking at the world. For me we are in the threshold of a new paradigm in science and nanotech is the main character of this new chapter. Btw, yesterday I came across with this place. I´d really like to know if this is "serious" I mean if they have a reputation, or is this a bit of circus sutff. I mean no offense, please, but regard the top menu, it is a bit… well…

  8. Dearest jur-v, Would you tag all you "nano" photos with "nanotechnology" too, not just "nanotech"? I was making a tag search with the first tag and didn´t find ONE pic from YOU! We can´t allow this to happen. If you want I tag them. 😉

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