Makes Fighting Traffic Taxes/Tickets Easy With New App and Service

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Lets not kid ourselves. The fees generated by traffic tickets are Californias second leading revenue generator, right behind sales tax, for State funds. And when additional funds are required, the number of traffic tickets increases. Yet there is very little most people who receive traffic tickets can do about it., is changing all that. and the GetDismissed App is Californias newest, traffic ticket fighting service. The service is super easy to use, and costs under $ 50. The App is Free and available through the Apple Store or Google Play. All you need to do is upload a copy of your driver’s license and traffic ticket, then GetDismissed generates all the paperwork required to contest your traffic ticket.

Were all for safe driving and we support tickets. But have you seen the cost of traffic tickets these days? Running a red light: $ 490. Ignoring a dont walk sign: $ 197. Driving solo in the car-pool lane: $ 490. Speeding at 81 mph on most highways: at least $ 367. When youre earning $ 12 an hour, thats a weeks pay.

Increases in penalty assessments and fees set by the state Legislature have dramatically driven up the total costs of citations, according to records from the Judicial Council of California. The base fine of a ticket thats about $ 100, after assessments and other fees pushes the total cost of the citation to $ 490. Thats a lot of money. And now lawmakers have come to rely on the assessments to help fund court and judicial operations.

According to President, Steven Miller, The tickets now include a wide range of fees and assessments that are essentially taxes. Our goal is to help level the playing field for the average person who cant afford what are clearly overinflated penalties.

There are over 5.2 million traffic tickets issued for infractions every year in California, but only seven percent of those tickets are ever contested. Up until recently, the only options available for fighting traffic tickets were going to court yourself or hiring an expensive attorney to contest your traffic ticket for you. Then, services like and others were developed to facilitate the process of completing and filing a Trial by Written Declaration for you so that you didnt have to go to court. Those online services charge fees that are significantly less than what an attorney would charge but still cost a few hundred dollars. Now, GetDismissed is completely reinventing the category by offering a cheaper, more efficient option. President, Steven Miller added, With our team of attorneys, engineers, and designers, along with our marketing agency, we sought out a way to simplify the ticket fighting process in California in order to remove the frustration associated with fighting a ticket in court. Our goal was to create an easy to use system that alleviates that frustration. At the same time, we wanted to offer the most cost effective way to contest and dismiss a traffic ticket ever seen in the state of California. We believe GetDismissed meets that goal.

About, located in Westlake Village, California, was founded in 2014 by Steven F. Miller. The service is built on a platform that has assisted thousands of Californians with quickly and inexpensively preparing the necessary paperwork to contest and dismiss their traffic tickets through the Trial by Written Declaration process. The GetDismissed App, available through the Apple Store or Google Play, is Mr. Millers solution to creating a very inexpensive, fully automated, and user-friendly online service for California drivers to submit their traffic ticket information, process the necessary documents and submit the case to the courts. Contact:

Please contact Steven Miller at 800.580.3769 or 818.621.2346, or Steve(at)getdismissed(dot)com for more information. 5716 Corsa Avenue, Suite 104 | Westlake Village, CA 91362.

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