Getting Better Return from your Social Media Content

Getting Better Return from your Social Media Content
Event on 2015-11-11 13:00:00
As an entrepreneur, there are a million things you have to do to launch your business – get your website up, learn bookkeeping, market yourself, do social media … and now CREATE CONTENT? *aaaaaggggggggghhhhhh* Who has time for this, right? Darlene Moore, of DriveTraffic Digital Marketing will teach you how to get a return on the investment (ROI) of time and/or money when you create content – use this content for your website, social media, presentations, sending to clients, etc. Take the pain out of content creation and make sure you are investing your time and/or money wisely. Speaker Bio:  Darlene Moore, DriveTraffic Digital Marketing Darlene hearts search engines. She can get a little geeky about it all. Darlene worked in various aspects of the internet marketing industry, including email marketing, affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click (Adwords) and SEO, helping everyone – from plumbers to lawyers to dentists, to larger enterprises, like casinos, national insurance companies and multi-million dollar corporations – find their way and be found. She worked independently for some time but also played in the big leagues, in the trenches of the gaming industry of Montreal and then notably helping to build the Yellow Pages search engine optimization team. A cross-section of happy clients Darlene has worked with include: Allstate, Upward Dog Yoga,, Canadian Museum of History, Association of Universities and Colleges, Health Canada, Romy and Jacob, Transport Canada, ABC Music, CRA, KDL Construction, Naturally Clean and Virginia Commonwealth University. A recognized speaker and trainer on the subjects of search-engine optimization, web analytics and writing for the web, Darlene also developed and delivered Internet marketing courses for public and private-sector clients and taught web-based courses through the International Webmasters Association. Self-described as a crunchy granola dog lover, Darlene has been known to play favourites with other dog owners, especially those that kayak J She holds two bachelor’s degrees in sociology and psychology.

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