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  1. Coming up next week, The Fantastic 40 webinar series. This is one of the five links I will be posting so you can see it all. 100% free.. candid conversations from 40 leading marketing people. Have a question about marketing, digital business, content creating or publishing? Post here and then join us live starting on August 8th. #Fantastic40 #training

  2. In a little more than a week, we’re gathering some really smart marketing folks to answer your questions. Post some here and we’ll integrate them live into the Hangout…

  3. From the Philippines- I want to say hey man- actually impressed with your show- thanks for posting. I been dealing with a lot of marketers – and been really keen to find GOOD solid people. Your post and more – Ive been a part of your FB group a while but this was first video I listened too. Glad glad thanks. Hope to also help out and connect cheers!

  4. Join us tonight for the Fantastic 40 Kick Off – Week-long series of business topics with 40 amazing people. Tonight at 8 pm ET, join Getting Started Online – Marketing Masters Roundtable – The Fantastic 40

  5. Reply of webinar panel I was on tonight. Highly recommend you watch if you missed this info! Getting Started Online – Marketing Masters Roundtable – The Fantastic 40

  6. As an online entrepreneur whose been in the marketing game for the past 5 years, I can say for a fact you guys are offering an incredible service. Internet marketing can be a daunting task for any newcomer, especially if they don’t have the RIGHT person to guide them so kudos on a job well done…truly! 

  7. I Think Affiliate marketing is the way forward, I my self have started doing this and have just started up my own website. you can earn a good income if you do your research.

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