Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar

The basics you need to know to get started with Google Analytics. Topics: * How Analytics can help you with your business goals * Analytics reports for the most common types of businesses (ecommerce, content publishing, and lead generation) * Integrate your Analytics with AdWords * Tagging your marketing campaigns and how to set up goals to measure success
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21 thoughts on “Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar

  1. I found this video very helpful and informative. I would, however, suggest using better quality video. I learned a lot, but I feel that I would have understood and learned a tremendous amount more about GA if the video had been clear enough for me to read the analysis pages.

  2. @aeltswo I’m pulling in some serious bank (best day so far was $2320). Make sure you get into a sizzling niche ready to buy. Check out this course before he goes private =>

  3. You should have a direct lilnk to the goals video in your comments, especially since you have a few on your channel. ~ otherwise, this is a great video to get started.

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