Getting to grips with Social Networking and SEO

Getting to grips with Social Networking and SEO
Event on 2015-11-24 10:00:00
Businesses today understand the need to be part of social networks and to have strong website SEO to be found online. The difficulty is deciding where to start: how to decide what social networks are right for your business, how do you use the different platforms and what do you need to know to improve your website SEO when you're not an internet expert.  Across this practical, hands on 2.5 hour workshop you'll be shown: the differences and various benefits of the main social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest Facebook and Twitter; newer platforms like Snapchat and Periscope; how to create your own live online profiles and social accounts; how to create content to attract customers; a comprehensive approach of what SEO is and it's importance for your website; how to improve your SEO through writing effectively on your website; how to build a manageable content strategy that you can easily adopt into your working week.  To make the session fully interactive, please bring your smart phones along and already have downloaded the Instagram and Twitter apps.  The workshop will be presented by Rachel Hodges and Marianne Miles.  Rachel helps businesses embrace SEO and understand how to write website content that performs well for search engines and reads well for customers. She has been a copywriter for Harrods, Selfridges and many SMEs and organisations. With the broadening opportunities of the digital age, she now helps businesses build a strong understanding of content strategy and how to write for digital.  Marianne is a communications expert who has worked for  Warner Music, Universal Music group and  University College London.  Her company Meritê Media provides PR, Social Media Marketing and Brand Management services for small businesses and media personalities who need to build their public persona and attract customers.

at London Small Business Centre,
Universal House, , 88-94 Wentworth Street
London, United Kingdom

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