Getting your Website to the Top of Google, SEO & Digital Marketing Workshop

Getting your Website to the Top of Google, SEO & Digital Marketing Workshop
Event on 2014-07-10 10:00:00

A PERSONALISED seminar full of information and advice on how to improve your website's Google ranking.

This is an SEO training course and workshop aimed at helping you get rankings page 1 Google rankings for your business.

You will learn how Google ranks websites including the latest changes in its algorithm (Penguin and Panda). You will learn about what you can do within your own website to improve rankings but the seminar will also include information on other promotional activities such as pay-per-click, social media and when/how to use those in conjunction with search engine optimisation.



  • Half-day : 10am-2pm

Cost: £ Free
What Past Attendees Are Saying…  —————————————————————————————————————"It was a pleasure to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO workshop. As a beginner to the area of SEO I felt I learnt a great deal and came away feeling inspired and motivated. I picked up many useful tips and tools to be able to improve our website and to optimise the Google rankings. An extremely valuable course, thank you Cody"
Sam Mabbott ————————————————————————————————————-
"You are a fantastic trainer, and a patient one indeed. You made SEO easy to understand and pointed out, practical how one's website can be search engine optimized. I enjoyed it all, and will definitely patronise you very soon".
Kenneth Nkemnacho—————————————————————————————————————————————
This seminar is for:

  • Small and Medium sized (SME) business owners who want more online business.
  • Managers or Marketers in charge of SEO, Social Media and Multi-Channel Marketing.
  • Anyone interested in finding out how to rank a website well on Google.


In this seminar you will learn: 

  • What ranking factors Google uses to rank websites and how to influence them, including technical best-practice and use of social media for SEO purposes (ie. How social media affects Google ranking) .
  • What you can do for your own business and site specifically. Answers to questions about your own website. 
  • How to generate SEO-optimised content for your site. 
  • How to utilise PR activities for traditional marketing as well as improving your Google rank. 
  • Best practice guidelines and what not to do. 
  • What changes Google is planning to bring out and what they mean for your site. 
  • Understand how SEO works so that you know how you can improve your website’s Google ranking.

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This seminar is provided by Cody Butler

Cody Butler is a well known author, speaker and digital marketing specialist helping businesses grow and attract new customers through digital marketing activities.

Cody has extensive SEO and online marketing experience and knows how to combine SEO with other activities to increase sales, profits and online visibility.

Cody is managing director of Web-360 who have successfully provided national and international SEO campaigns for companies with inexcess of £200 million of annual turn over for the past 5 years.

at Guildford
Guildford, United Kingdom

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