GFT Partners with Code to Work to Bridge IT Skills Gap in Tech and Finance

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

GFT, a leading provider of business and technology consulting to the financial services community, today announced its partnership with Code to Work, a new non-profit focused on closing the IT skills gap by sourcing and prequalifying diverse technical talent from non-traditional sources for large companies.

With this partnership, GFT and Code to Work will help address the growing national demand for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) talent and need to place talent that may be typically overlooked. Historically, financial services and technology firms have hired from the same top-ranked colleges and universities. However, this approach misses a broader source of talent that exists locally to meet the skill sets most in-demand in the finance and banking industry, such as application and infrastructure development.

There is a tendency among many banking and financial companies to focus Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to monetary investments. They can and should do more especially when there are nearly seven million young adults unemployed in the U.S., and 3.6 million jobs unfilled, said Barbara Chang, Founder & CEO, Code to Work. GFT is helping us shine a spotlight on the talent pipeline by creating more opportunities for younger generations of diversified backgrounds to enter into the world of finance and technology. We are proud to partner with GFT in making this a positive change and standard in the industry.

As part of this collaboration, Code to Work identifies a firms hiring needs, then assesses and tests candidates on technical skills, verbal skills, and strategic thinking before placing qualified students into a training program. This unique process has successfully primed the talent pipeline for a growing number of financial firms including JP Morgan Chase that has eight hires to boast since its recent collaboration with Code to Work. Bank of America also hired at least one candidate, and is considering more in the coming year.

Additionally, GFT employees will extend their leadership experience by mentoring qualified candidates. Interns will learn technical and analytical skills required within financial services industries and benefit from real-world tips and insights. Students will gain unconventional wisdom beyond classroom walls, such as learning about better interviewing, networking skills, and corporate culture.

Addressing the STEM shortage is a national concern. The White House TechHire Initiative and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasios commitment to strengthen the citys IT workforce via the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline are among recent examples of federal and state-wide initiatives dedicated to meet this growing challenge. The collaboration between GFT and Code to Work is an example of an effective, targeted approach to address this shortage in the financial services world by helping firms expand their talent sourcing pool.

There is an alternative system to finding and hiring top IT talent. By casting a wide net to non-traditional sources of talent, the diversity of the pool increases to include more candidates from underrepresented groups in IT, said Sonia Whang, Head of Business Development, Capital Markets for GFT US. Together with Code to Work, we can strengthen our ties with the local community and share information around the talent requirements of larger employers. Our ability to bridge hiring information between companies and local universities can provide employers access to un-tapped talent, and provide universities necessary insight to tailor curriculums that better train students for jobs and skills that are in high demand. Were proud to partner with Code to Work to expand GFTs capabilities and also help the broader economy fill more jobs with talent who may have gone overlooked.

About Code to Work

Code to Work, a new non-profit, has a mission to close the IT skills gap by sourcing and prequalifying diverse technical talent from non-traditional sources for large companies. Code to Work approaches the opportunity from a demand perspective, working with companies to understand their hiring needs and skills gap, and then helping find qualified students to fill these roles. For more information on Code to Work, visit:

About GFT

GFT specializes in designing and implementing business and IT solutions for the financial services industry. Combining technological expertise and seamless project management with a deep understanding of the industry, GFT is the ideal strategic consulting partner for many well-known companies including Fortune 500 banking companies in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Headquartered in Germany, the GFT Group stands for technological expertise, innovative strength, and outstanding quality. Founded in 1987, the GFT Group is represented in eleven countries with over 3,500 employees. For more information on GFT, visit:

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