Ghost Motion in Shibuya

Ghost Motion in Shibuya

Image by Sprengben [why not get a friend]
On Explore April 16, 2010 | # 11

It has been some days till my last post. I work on some crazy prototype thing in my University. It is kind of time consuming but fun. The bad thing: not so much time for editing.
Anyway, that one morning I awoke, stood up, started my flickr and saw 1500 views at my account. Wooooow so cool! Normally when I start my day I have approximately 400-500 views but this I knew something has happened. This something was Magic Water City being at Explore page ranked #4…

My flickr friends often ask me dude how do you get so many people view your stream daily. I answered well I don’t know, maybe luck… I thought about this today when I was attending a really really boring lecture about control techniques.
I finally got an answer how I get so many people to view my page, comment and fave them. It is you!!! Just because of you being my friends, being nice, spreading the word, encouraging and everything else you do for me this is happening. It is not that my photos are so cool because really everyone of you can take these shots. I do not use a super professional camera nor do I use some crazy outer space programs for processing. In other words there is no difference between you and me. The only difference is having you as such a cool friend who supports me.

That is why I want to thank you as you are reading this. Thanks for supporting and sharing your precious time with me!

As I did my easter campaign a lot of people posted awesome photos at my stream. Again thanks for posting them. Through this campaign some really nice ideas came in my mind. I think you will be really excited when I present them. Also I did not forget about my plan to do an HDR tutorial for those who want to learn the technique I use. I hope to be able to start with this project in the near future. <b<You can expect a lot!
Have a nice day
P.S. I really love the ghosting here. Normally I hate it but it makes the whole photo dynamic!

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64 Responses to Ghost Motion in Shibuya

  1. PetterPhoto says:

    Totally cool and smart shot, the combination of ghosts and then heavy hdr is very unusual and interesting!!

  2. ♥ ChOuLaBaGs WiTh bLiNk AgAiN says:

    So much colour..and yes I love that idea how you did it….just love taking photographs….but I also have other things I am interested in…so time is always very precious…have not got into explore since January 1st..tee hee.. ..but well done to you ..what a great processing…and well deserved…. WINNER You are my winner! Please add this photo to Please comment and award 2 other worthy images If you get 6 or more ROUND awards please post here

  3. the-father says:

    fantastisch, wie du die abendliche hektik eingefangen hast.

  4. marcp_dmoz says:

    Powerful processing of a very busy crossing!

  5. peteraspen says:

    Lovely. Great Ghost processing

  6. yukishi1 says:

    I think it is a bit overdone but the film grain effect is pretty cool!

  7. Satoshisato52 says:

    Wicked Image!

  8. Steve's Photography :-) says:

    Cool shot, nice processing too.

  9. Sam0123 says:

    Wow, stunning HDR! Maybe I can try this style next time.

  10. Stela Plamada says:

    Powerful picture ! Well seen !

  11. anass bachar says:


  12. Olga Golanov says:

    Well Done Art Photo!!! Technique is awesome! Your photo has been appraised as a Platinum Photograph We would be honored to have your photo in our group! Please tag your photo with platinumphoto (Questions?) (Rules) This Great Photographic Art was made by a Diamond Class Photographer! Please add your photo to Flickr Diamond: The Diamond Class Photographer Read the group rules please and tag your photo DiamondClassPhotographer You may tag your photo again as flickrdiamond This is definitely one of Flickrs Best Well done. Please ensure image is ‘Tagged’ – FlickrsBest – Thanks Congratulations! Your photo has been nominated as an "Unforgettable Picture" You are invited to add your wonderful picture to The Unforgettable Pictures Group Please read the Group Rules and tag your photo TheUnforgettablePictures INVITE only & Comment on 3 You are invited to add your wonderful picture to "Colors Of The Heart"! Invited Images Only! Post 1 – Award 3! Please tag your photo: COTH

  13. JR1994 says:

    great shot, very creative!

  14. Miroslav Petrasko ( says:

    nice one, the blurred people give it a sense of life… well done

  15. maurorobi66 says:

    A very busy street !!! Cool shot , nice processing too , great work !!! anadar beautiful picture SprengBen !!! wonderfull !!! thank you for visiting and comment , have a nice day :-)

  16. Elizabeth Gmaz Photography says:

    This is beautiful! Great job!

  17. ralucahphotography says:

    wow! such a good work!love the ghost effect!

  18. cortto says:

    a ghost color world, well done

  19. mOniCa ღ says:


  20. Katrin Schaak says:

    Wow, das ist ja abgefahren!! Kompliment!! :-) Schönen Abend, Ben!!

  21. haegar52002 says:

    klasse Aufnahme… sieht irgendwie mysthisch aus….

  22. MaSmart says:

    Very nice photo and lovely colors. Great job dude.

  23. jsalinero1 says:

    Wow, amazing shot, plenty of colour. Congratulations

  24. Felipe Clemente says:


  25. liboironh says:

    fantastic shot– leave it to you to come out with something new thanks for your wonderful comments they are greatly appreciated-have a nice day

  26. ohNzl says:

    Great ghosts and Even better colorlights!

  27. mr.KIO says:

    City of ghosts really great job and post-p

  28. bernat... says:

    Congratulations!!! your photo reach Explore Front Page You can download the capture in…

  29. EJ Images says:

    Awesome capture, most striking.

  30. Seth Oliver Photographic Art says:

    very cool dude

  31. ρrakaz (Digital Monk) says:

    Nice capture. FP well deserved! Congratulations!! All your FP are here.

  32. CALL TO JESUS NOW says:

    Very good .I like the busy "city" effect . Half of Europe s airports (luft havner ) closed today

  33. Reiffhaus (Steppin It Up!!) says:

    This is wild Ben! Cool capture, it really gives a sense of motion!

  34. kevincole says:

    Great work here Ben, I really like the motion flow of the people, it totally makes this shot rock. On my iPhone so rewards to come later you deserve them all.

  35. Proleshi says:

    The ghosting part is one of my favorite parts of this shot. — Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  36. tomswift46 ( Hi Res Images for Sale) says:

    Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Art Net Contemporary Artists Invite only P1/C1, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest. Exciting transformed urban image!

  37. timo.c says:

    That’s 2 in a row making the explore page. Congrats Ben.

  38. To2Camba says:

    your beautiful shots deserve to be landed in explore. this ghost thing is another masterpiece! the imagination and concentration that you put in it really blows my mind. btw, thanks for your nice comment on my latest upload.

  39. fumblejumble says:

    such an interesting photo!

  40. katutty_ok says:

    hermosa y perfecta!!

  41. Constant Creations says:

    heavy colours -love it!!

  42. hitesh negi says:

    i love the ghost effect…. So much color and you are right friends support make it possible and i m waiting for ur tutorial

  43. jefferson gonsalves says:

    elaborate on your comment that you posted on my picture titled ?.

  44. kevincole says:

    Ben, this is a super shot. INVITE to post photo… I think this photo is a Super Shot Please add your photo to After you add it to the group pool, please tag this photo as a SuperShot

  45. Vikimio says:

    Ben, this is an amazing shot, and you are an amazing guy too…that’s why….

  46. Lucky Like Lucy says:

    Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Amsterdam Blogging Workshop – Post 1 Comment 2, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

  47. ABUELA PINOCHO  says:

    I saw this beautiful photo on Explore ! You are invited to add this wonderful photo to "Explored Beauty !" Explored Beauty ! Please Invite other Explored Favorites to this Group too !

  48. Sprengben [why not get a friend] says:

    Woow, thank you!

  49. Chris Brocklebank says:

    Seen in: Flickr Bronze Award Post 1, and award 5

  50. JanneO™ says:

    Thanks for the award…:) Seen in: Flickr Bronze Award Post 1, and award 5

  51. cαяℓιиι.ѕσиια •● ʚϊɞ ●• says:

    Seen in: Flickr Bronze Award Post 1, and award 5 carlini.sonia - View my recent photos on Flickriver

  52. Diego B.S. says:

    wow, nice pic, nice move ot the people, nice colours, congratulation! Seen in: Flickr Bronze Award Post 1, and award 5

  53. -Djé- says:

    Amazing !! a lots of vibrations

  54. Rui Nunеs says:

    This is lovely indeed. Great surreal colours as well as motion blur!

  55. Mii☆ says:

    Shibuya Crossing! Nice one!

  56. mikel.hendriks says:

    Superb shot of this "ants nest" :-)Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

  57. Medicinemansam says:

    A truly stunning and inspirational shot. Congrats on Explore. Keep up the good work!

  58. protophotogsl says:

    yes indeed…. creative work with color, HDR, tension between the stable and colorful lighting of the buildings in the upper portion in contrast to the grayer lower portion with all the urbanites in movement — This brilliant photo is like a shooting star, extraordinary! shining star invitation SHINING☆STAR – Post 1- Invite 1- Give 5 Stars Please, consider posting this picture into the group pool. Thanks!! Moving Invitation for your photo! sulla punta In Movimento / Moving (post 1 – comment 3 – CONTROL COMMENTS ACTIVE!!!) — INVITATION AND AWARD: Questa foto è premiata da: **** <FIAT LUX - And there was light **** This photo is awarded by: FIAT LUX – And there was light post 1, comment2 Please tag "FiatLux" When you have 4 Award send to *****PHOTO QUEEN***** Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  59. Bong Tongol Photography 'Explore' Life! says:

    A ‘Smashing’ Capture! Ben. ‘Stunning’ Work! Brilliant!

  60. Ray Rico says:

    Very cool work!

  61. HORIA STANICEL says:

    This is 1 MILLION DOLLARS PICTURE ! ! ! Great SHOOT here! When you have time,you can see my pictures and become more inspired. Thank you very much! I’m an admin for a group called artdesign, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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