GigaOm Research Publishes Sector Roadmap Report on Content Personalization

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

GigaOM Research today published its newest Sector RoadMap report (subscription required) titled, Content personalization in 2013 by research analyst Mark Mulligan. The report examines a variety of personalization-technology vendors with different specialties and identifies six disruption vectors competitive areas in which vendors will strive to gain advantage in the next 18-24 months. These disruption vectors will shape how consumers discover content and information, realigning the interplay among curation, recommendation and personalization.

Content owners, whether they are publishers, retailers or marketers, are always looking for new ways to deliver a unique experience to customers also known as content personalization. Website customization and promoting the most popular or contextually relevant items are tried and true practices. But cost-effective big data analysis now allows content owners to study behavioral and social media data to creat a truly unique experience. New personalization pioneers that are emerging include Gravity, Demandbase, TruCentric, BloomReach, Rovi and Outbrain.

Sector RoadMaps are GigaOM Researchs newest form of ecosystem analysis and research. The reports identify disruption vectors, the key competitive areas of a market that hold the greatest potential for large-scale disruptive shifts. Sector RoadMaps feature a new model of data visualization which illustrates the relative, weighted significance of the disruptive forces identified in the report.

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